I’m a celebrity fan convinced of the “crevice” between Naughty Boy and Adam Woodyatt

I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! Viewers share what they believe there may be a secret crack in between Eastenders Star Adam Woodyatt And the singer Naughty boy.

At the Saturday night trial, Adam (53), Naughty Boy (40), and former Spurs star David Zinora (54) unlocked a series of padlocks to win stars for guts and rotten fruit. I threw it.

In the Cells of Hell Challenge, Adam and David worked well, but when it came to passing the keys to Naughty Boy, Adam would throw the keys into his cells instead of passing them one by one. ..

The internal organs and rotten fruit made it difficult for music stars to find the key to the floor – this is what the naughty boy complained about when the host asked how the trial was done. Ant McPartlin When Declan Donnelly, Both 46.

I’m a celebrity fan and I’m sure Adam Woodyatt and Naughty Boy are in a feud

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After the trial, Naughty confirmed that he had won four out of eleven stars before pointing out that the strategy of throwing keys on Adam’s floor didn’t help.

“It got a little harder … I had to look for them in the mess. I did my best.”

Adam who was recent Covered with bloody goo in a challenge with Simon Gløggson, He looked surprised at the comment, looked up the cell and shared that the key was displayed without any problems. His remarks suggested that this strategy was not a problem.

Adam and Naughty Boy spit on the challenges they took part in
Adam and Naughty Boy spit on the challenges they took part in

Naughty Boy then told Ant and Dec: David added: .. “

Many claimed that Adam projected the EastEnders character Ian Beale, so viewers quickly gathered on Twitter to share their thoughts on the discussion.

“Adam is completely Ian Beale, hahahaha …. f *** as funny as #ImACeleb,” wrote one as a second consent: “Adam unleashes his inner Ian Beale.

Viewers said Adam “unleashed his inner Ian Beale.”

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While the third was added: “Oh Adam Woodyatt deffo has some Ian Beale features. #ImACeleb”.

Naughty Boy will still appear in the episode on Sunday, December 5th tonight. Another challenge, alongside Olympic gold medalist Matty Lee, 23.

The two celebrities were placed in a roulette box, where Ant and Deck told them they would be covered with a spill of sticky red mucus.

Naughty Boy took part in another challenge on Sunday

However, while music producers and Olympic athletes were covered in slime buckets, they also had to try to catch gold coins to win the challenge.

The job turned out to be difficult as the pair struggled to keep their eyes open while Ant and Deck advised them to keep looking up to pick up the coveted coin. I did.

Matty was finally able to catch the coin, as the mischievous boy shouted unpleasantly. Naughty Boy then said, “How Olympic gold medalists do it.” This has led everyone to rush into hysterics.

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I'm a celebrity fan convinced of the "crevice" between Naughty Boy and Adam Woodyatt

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