I’m a celebrity fan as Richard Madeley talks to Ant and Deck after the end due to the ITV Covid bubble

I am a celebrity Fans are confused later Richard Madley Returned to the show on Friday to discuss his early termination from the ITV competition with the host Ant and Dec..

Announced on Thursday Good Morning Britain Presenter, 65, was forced to withdraw from the show After he was taken to the hospital in the morning. After being completely cleared, Richard was announced to be unable to rejoin the camp because he broke the chaotic bubble of the camp.

Returned to talk to host Ant and Deck at the show on Friday Pre-recorded for the first time in the history of the show, developed by Storm Arwen, Richard claimed that he was “worthy of a fiddle.”

However, while Richard’s talk with Ant and Deck was socially distant, some fans could return to the set for an interview as to why he couldn’t return to the I’m A Celeb camp. I’m asking if it was possible.

Richard Madley returned to I’m a celebrity with a pre-recorded show on Friday for an interview

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One fan wrote on Twitter: Enter the camp every day to meet the contestants. Something is suspicious! !! “

Another comment: “Why was @ antanddec breaching the limits of the covid bubble and allowed to interview @ richardm56? If the presenter can return to the castle, he’s not one of the camp buddies. Why? “

Added by a third party: “Richard Madley leaves the camp, he’s okay, great, but can’t get back to covid’s coz? But can you talk to Ant and Deck who go camping every day? PCR test? Who’s next? Easy money or something! “

When approaching all right!, An ITV spokesman declined to comment.

Richard remained ill at Glitch Castle in North Wales, an ITV show, but had to leave the camp because he broke Covid’s bubble on a hospital visit.

Richard told Ant and Deck in an interview after leaving the company, “I’m as healthy as a fiddle, as healthy as a fiddle, and without Covid, I would go back and eat. Rice and beans.

I am a celebrity
Richard talks with host Ant and Deck about his early termination from the ITV competition

“I had to leave … it’s Covid’s situation. It’s still biting our ass? What happened, I just made a funny turn late in the morning.

“ITVs are very good with the duty of care. They were determined. They said,” No, you have to make sure you’re okay. ” I said, “But I’m okay.” They said, “We have to make sure.”

“So I went to a local hospital-I was there for only about an hour and a half-I was really thoroughly checked and given a perfectly clean health bill, I absolutely I’m fine. I’ve read it, I’m absolutely fine. “

Richard also explained that one of the first things he did after leaving the hospital was to eat a bacon sandwich.

“It was Bacon Bati’s first port of call. And it was great to have a cup of tea. I ate the hospital food exactly. I’m absolutely fine. As I say, Covid Without it, I would say, “I’m still in the game. I’m crazy. I’m crazy, really.”

I am a celebrity
With the development of Storm Irwen, the show was pre-recorded for the first time in the history of the show.

Richard talked about his experience and whether it was what he expected. “Yes, no. The structure of the show I was really familiar with.

“But that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do it, and I was fostering real curiosity about what it really was psychologically.

“I know what the game looks like. I did some when I was at the ITV2 show in Australia, but I saw it from the inside, almost journalistically, in a nice way. I wanted .. and it was a revelation.

“I learned that you have psychological pressure … it means the pressure you put on us when we went into clink, when we went into jail. It’s an interesting gimmick for the camera and the audience. is…

“But no, we were properly in jail, we were trapped, had a huge gate, and was claustrophobic. That was the intent of the game. You really are in jail. I had to make it feel like.

I am a celebrity
Richard’s campmate wept over Richard’s exit and emotional video

“So I realized that psychological pressure, and other challenges and challenges that we all experienced and I experienced. I know it’s only TV, but when you’re in it, it’s It’s really true. “

Regarding the toughest part of the show, he added: “I’m sleeping at night because the mattress is very thin, much thinner than the top camp, and the sleeping bag wasn’t very warm.

“Really cheap, frankly, a sleeping bag. And covered with straw, the floor was very thin and frozen there. We were always cold. We took all the clothes out of the bag and we I had to put it on top. Keep it warm at night. ”

In December, he commented that he didn’t seem to be in a hurry, Richard said: And rice, beans and rice have no salt, no pepper or spices, it’s tasteless …

“I’m not afraid of cockroaches, spiders, treats and mice. I don’t want to have lunch with them, but I don’t really care, but I don’t like them.” Stars for a meal for hungry companions. Go look for, that’s all you think, and you really aren’t aware of it. “

Richard talked about how disappointed he was that he couldn’t do another trial, saying, “I meant that. I wanted to go back and start over.” ..

Richard finished the interview and said, “I miss them all. Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for asking me, I enjoyed it.”

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I'm a celebrity fan as Richard Madeley talks to Ant and Deck after the end due to the ITV Covid bubble

Source link I'm a celebrity fan as Richard Madeley talks to Ant and Deck after the end due to the ITV Covid bubble

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