I’m a celebrity Danny Miller joke Adam Woodyatt “smells like a shin guard”

Eastenders star Adam Woodyatt Voted as the cleanest campmate by I am a celebrity The viewer stunned his fellow celebrities.

As part of the show’s Sword In The Stone challenge, celebrities have decided who they think the public would vote for in a variety of categories, including the cleanest.

Adam was chosen as number one, followed by Saturdays. Frankie Bridge, David Ginola came in third.

Disputing Adam coming to the top of the list, Danny Miller I made a joke. “I want to smell Adam Woodyatt, but he smells like a shin guard. I don’t think he’s against it either.”

“They can’t smell what we can smell,” Frankie added.

Even Adam Woodyatt was surprised that he was chosen as the cleanest person.

Danny said Adam "Smelt like a shin guard"
Danny said Adam was “a smelt like a shin guard”

Even Adam himself was surprised by public opinion.

He states:

Simon Gløggson repeated similar feelings while chatting with Telegraph, explaining that Adam was “very useful for mops and not so useful for flannel.”

Another category I voted for celebrity viewers was those who thought they were the weirdest campmates.

Simon Gløggson infiltrates salt and pepper.
Simon Gløggson infiltrates salt and pepper.

Simon won, followed by Danny and David.

The camp also put Simon and Danny in 1st and 2nd place, but Adam in 3rd place.

Regarding the vote, Danny said: “When I was here, I forgot what the public was voting for and watching, and I don’t know what they were judging. I was a little nervous.”

Frankie, meanwhile, said in a telegram: “It’s really really interesting to see the perceptions compared to the perceptions that other people have in the camp.”

Frankie Bridge admitted when Adam and Matty left the camp: "Gachigachi!"
Adam Woodyatt and Matty Lee were removed from the camp on Friday

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After Adam finished the show, he upheld the public vote, and Collie’s star said it was “naturally interesting.”

He tells Ant and Dec: I’m not like Simon. He’s naturally funny, I need someone to play off, it was Simon. We knew each other for a long time and it helped, but everyone was great. “

Adam also branded the show as his “new start” In his ongoing divorce with his divorced wife Beverly Sharp.

Adam Woodyatt
Adam is best known for playing Ian Beale in EastEnders

“I was looking at it as if it would be a new start,” he said.

“A lot of things are still happening. Spiritually, I organized myself. I loved it very much because my head was in the right place to get there. “

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I'm a celebrity Danny Miller joke Adam Woodyatt "smells like a shin guard"

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