Il Divo singer Carlos Marín dies at age 53

Il Divo singer Carlos Marín died at the age of 53 after getting sick and being taken to Manchester Royal Hospital earlier this month.

After his hospitalization Carlos was put into a provocative coma this week, And died tragically.

Il Divo shared a statement on its Twitter page announcing catastrophic news.

The group wrote on Sunday, December 19th: “We are pleased to announce the death of our friend and partner Carlos Marín. He will miss his friends, family and fans. There will never be any other voice or spirit like Carlos. . “

Carlos got sick and died at the age of 53

“For 17 years, four of us have traveled together on this incredible journey of Il Divo, and we will miss our dear friends. His beautiful soul sleeps peacefully. I pray for that. “

The tweet was approved by the remaining singers of the group, Urs Bühler, David Miller and Sebastian Izanbad.

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Il Divo singer Carlos Marín dies at age 53

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