If social care is reformed, the government must convince the public to embrace change

“A proposal for social welfare reform will be made.” Queen On Tuesday, during her annual opening of a parliamentary speech.

A few seconds before this, she also said the minister Increased NHS funding Promote innovation in the healthcare sector with a focus on using technology to prevent serious illnesses and provide more care at home.

In a commentary shortly after the speech, BBC focused on the lack of details on how social care would be reformed. Professor Martin Green, CEO of Care England, called the speech an “missed opportunity.”

Overall, social care has paved the way again.

It’s definitely a tricky problem to solve.The main reason is Providing social care Is very chaotic and the quality of care you can expect to receive is a lottery that depends heavily on where you live.

Currently, social care is paid by local governments and parliaments. Healthcare, the NHS, is a service funded by the central government.

It’s more complicated than this, but in a nutshell, the government doesn’t want to say: anything else. “

Can you imagine backlash? It would kill the government’s position on the people at once.

But this is what true reform must happen for it to work.

Governments need to figure out what the budget for social care should be and either ringfence it as part of NHS funding or completely reform the way local governments raise funds.

Currently, improving the provision of social care is costly and in order to do so, the council tax needs to be raised dramatically. Yet another move that requires the popular death aspirations that local politicians want to carry out.

The government has exacerbated this by reducing municipal funding by a real 49% between 2010 and 2018.

But the horror of it is how much money is wasted, how much life is lost, and how much you live in a situation that no one loves.

By the way, hospital beds cost taxpayers (us) £ 3,500 a week. Beds in social care homes cost £ 950 a week and are paid by the municipality (US) and individuals (US) as a whole. In many cases, homes are forced to sell to make up for the lack of local social care funding.

It’s not uncommon for caregiver residents to get £ 450 a week for fees from their council, but homes in their area cost £ 800 a week.

It’s a tremendous rate of scandals, and it’s politically difficult to stop taxpayers from spending their money on the public services they really need. Health Minister Matt Hancock promised that these proposals would come this year.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in August 2019: The dignity and safety they deserve. ”

Change always brings back from some. The government must show the public that their money will be spent more wisely if we accept it.

If social care is reformed, the government must convince the public to embrace change

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