If estrogen can save women from the worst Covid, they should be given it | Kate Muir | Opinion

“It takes constant effort to see what is in front of your nose.” Written by George Orwell, And in this endless pandemic it turned out to be even harder to look in front of our mask.

Take a compelling example of the effects of the female hormone estrogen on coronavirus. Quite simply, studies have shown that women with high levels of estrogen in their bodies are less likely to die and are more likely to have mild Covid-19 symptoms. Doctors have also found that supplementing with low hormone levels seems to help some women suffering from long covids. However, research in this area is badly ignored. Why?

We know that two-thirds of coronavirus deaths occur in men. However, women’s Covid mortality rate begins to increase rapidly when women reach their 50s.After menopause, the protective hormones estrogen and progesterone I can..

However, women who took either oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (both containing estrogen) were found to have a lower risk of dying in hospital. In general, estrogen strengthens the immune system, while testosterone has an immunosuppressive effect.

As a book by Caroline Cleared Perez Invisible Women – Unveiling Data Bias in a World Designed for MenThat’s because gender blinds in areas like medicine and technology only create a “one-size-fits-all” culture. There are gaps in gender data that are not just frustrating, but life-threatening.

I was fascinated by the estrogen superpower during my research on a book about menopause and the next Channel 4 documentary. In addition to being a female hormone, estrogen has a sterling effect on the body and the entire brain.It regulates immunity and inflammation, and it’s scaryCytokine storm“Tearing a coronavirus patient in a hospital” is less severe in women than in men.

Currently, there are various forms of hormone replacement therapy. The same modern body hormones are a significant improvement over the early synthetic hormones that led to the screaming headlines about breast cancer risk. The new transdermal estrogen HRT (4 pounds per month gel or patch) has been shown to protect women from heart attacks, osteoporosis, diabetes, colon cancer and amnesia. Stopping hot fire.. Why not even Covid-19?

The good news is that it may be. A recent study of more than 5,451 female deaths from 465 GP clinics in the Oxford Royal College of General Practitioners database found that women who used all forms of HRT 78% less likely to die from Covid.. Of course, women who choose HRT have a slightly healthy user bias, but they still have a strong protective effect.

In September, Zoecovid Symptom Study The app has shown that women taking contraceptives are less likely to get the virus.Later, a TriNetX global database survey from 17 countries showed that women were taking estrogen HRT. 50% less likely to die Of the virus.

The science of estrogen isn’t everything yet. More extensive research is needed to track patients from hospitals to homes using long Covids.Online Survey of 1,294 Women Suffering from Disastrous Symptoms Long Covid found a majority He reported that his period had changed and that his symptoms worsened before or during his period when estrogen levels were at their lowest.

The Covid app is particularly prevalent in women aged 50-60 years with long Covid, and with the exception of respiratory problems, the remaining symptoms reported in women have a large crossover with menopausal symptoms. I found that – fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, joint pain and palpitations.

Dr. Louise Newson, an expert on menopause, said: “These symptoms are likely to be associated with decreased estrogen and testosterone levels in women, so it should be considered to prioritize replacing these low hormone levels with appropriate doses and types of HRT. there is. .”

So far, Newson et al. Have personally treated many menopausal patients with HRT, and their Covid symptoms have improved or disappeared.But there are no suggestions for hormonal help Long Covid section On the NHS website.

NHS experts have seen these latest academic treatises on hormones, HRT, and long Covid, but so far they are cheaper drugs that are already known to be safe, or further research. There are no announcements of on-the-job treatment with estrogen. The NHS website has a long page of information about Covid, but the recommended solution to chronic fatigue is to “sleep soundly.”

Science bends and sways with the news cycle. Regulations and vaccine dosages do not always change due to medical evidence, but change according to government convenience. Why is estrogen left behind when research is fast-forwarded in times of such trouble? Do you have any answer?

•• Kate Muir’s book on menopause was published by Simon and Schuster this summer.

If estrogen can save women from the worst Covid, they should be given it | Kate Muir | Opinion

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