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United Kingdom

Ideal Destinations for Solo Travelling in the UK

Nowadays, more and more people spend time alone and choose to travel on their own adventure. Nothing can compare to the freedom to go anytime, anywhere, and without the headaches that often come with group travel. Leaving your circle and going out alone, you can more easily blend into your surroundings, do your favorite activities, and meet new friends on the way!

Traveling alone in the UK is one of the best experiences. It is safe, the transportation is convenient, and the people are very friendly. From vibrant cities to seaside towns and rolling countryside, these are some of the best places to visit.

The railway network in England has good connections throughout the country. There are long-distance buses connecting cities and towns, as well as local buses in smaller areas. If you want to travel more flexibly, you can also choose to rent a car. No matter which way you decide to travel, there are many beautiful destinations worth exploring.

Read on to discover the best places for solo travelers in the UK.


Edinburgh has an impressive castle, a panoramic view of the city on Arthur’s Seat, and a first-class museum. It is a great city to visit on your own at any time of the year. However, if you are looking for something special, visit Edinburgh in August, where comedy, drama, dance, art and music artists will come to the city to participate in the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Lonely Planet rated Fringe as the best experience in the UK, and there is nothing like sharing laughter to make you feel part of the community.

There are hundreds of participating venues and street entertainment, so please book affordable hotel accommodations in advance and make sure you have a seat to watch the beautiful performances of world-renowned artists and comedians.


To be completely honest, if you are looking for a beach holiday where you can enjoy and show off your tan lines in warm waters, Cornwall may not be for you. Even on the south coast of England, you are more likely to be trapped by drizzle than heat stroke-but this is only part of the charm. The beaches of Cornwall are far from the shores of the French Riviera, but they are ideal places for walking in high winds, paddling, and enjoying plenty of fish and chips when the sun goes down. With many quaint fishing towns, ancient ruins and art centers, there are many places suitable for solo travelers. If you need some suggestions: bring a selfie stick or tripod to take the perfect holiday photo. No, you don’t have to pose like an Instagram influencer, but you will regret not taking a picture of yourself in a beautiful landscape.


Scotland’s largest city has a long history and offers many exciting activities best suited to enjoy alone. Glasgow is famous for its Gothic architecture, medieval and Victorian architecture, and a lively lifestyle embodied through sports and music. Exquisite tours around Glasgow Cathedral and Kelvingrove Museum give you a glimpse of the history of the city. Harry Potter fans should definitely check out the famous magic school Glasgow University, where this legendary movie was filmed. Buchanan Street offers a variety of fashion styles and is an absolute favorite shopping destination for tourists in Glasgow.

Glasgow is a UNESCO City of Music, which means it is a must-see for music lovers and is full of lively activities. In addition to delicious food, there are many beautiful parks and botanical gardens. There you can enjoy a walk, a picnic, you can read a book in the pleasant atmosphere of nature or you can even relax playing online roulette games.  If you like long hikes, the Trossachs National Park is only 1 hour away.

Costal Exmoor

Given how far Exmoor feels, it is also very easy to reach. When people plan to travel to the busier beach town of North Devon, this hidden gem is often forgotten, with miles of rugged coastal trails and the largest coastal forest in the UK. There are also some of the best coastal wild swimming spots in the country. Lee Bay is a secluded and easy-to-reach beach near the rocky valley, and the hidden tunnel beach near Ilfracombe is perfect for a sunset swim.

You can easily reach Devon by train, the London to Exeter service takes only 2 hours, and flights to Barnstable leave frequently. If you have time, you can take a ferry from Ilfracombe and Bidford to Lundy Island. This remote nature reserve is home to many puffins and seals. It is still wild and most of them are undeveloped so that you can disconnect. May is also an excellent time to see puffins and many other birds, wild deer and blooming plants.

The Lake District

When you travel to Britain, you must go to the Lake District. Located in Cumbria, its name comes from the glacial lake situated between hills, swamps and valleys. For centuries, its beautiful countryside has inspired writers and artists, and it’s not hard to see why.

It is especially popular with outdoor enthusiasts and has many hiking, walking and biking trails. The Lake District is a great place to visit on your own because it is very safe, people are friendly, and there are many accommodation options around. The best way to get around the area is by car because many of the best attractions are remote and there is no public transport connection.

The ideal base for exploring the lake is Ambleside, a small town with interesting shops, beautiful houses and many excellent restaurants. From here, you can walk to Stockghhyll Force, a waterfall trail with uninterrupted views of the town.


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