ICYMI: Ukraine, Glastonbury and Pride – this week’s digest of five biggest stories

It’s time for news again (Photos: Getty / AP / Reuters)

Happy Saturday to everyone except those who are after Glastonbury – it looked messy at least.

While you are sure you have a lot Grutskens plans to come, you have the news to get through first.

Never one who is ashamed to pursue his role of delivering existentialism and fear, the old news cycle appeared with some potential war crimes, travel carnage and a bit of nasty ablism.

But this week has also given us some cheer-uppers, even if one of them (* coughs * Glastonbury) caused an epidemic of FOMO and envy.

While sincerely hopes that everyone who went to Glastonbury still suffers the worst cat of their life, we also hope that Monday will be comparable.

A wonderful Pride weekend!

But before you get into that fun, here’s our breakdown of the week’s greatest stories.

Russia bombs Ukrainian shopping center

Russia launches a rocket attack on a shopping mall in the city of Kremenchuk with more than 1,000 citizens in it.

The Moscow Ministry of Defense claimed that the shopping center was ‘non-functioning’ and that it had burned down only because the bombing of a nearby ammunition depot had ignited a secondary fire that spread outside.

But several video clips filmed for the blast, including verified images, show shoppers running and businesses open as usual.

Putin’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations also claimed that the whole tragedy was ‘false’ or ‘staged’.

Shoppers said they felt relatively safe because they were nowhere near military targets (Photo: AP)
The attack was marked as a ‘war crime’ for its blatant targets of civilians (Photo: AFP)

CCTV footage shows that one rocket hits the mall, while another hits a factory on another site.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said: ‘Russia remains out of power over ordinary citizens. It is useless to hope for decency and humanity on their part. ‘

The attack happened while G7 peoples were convened in Germany for a summit, promising to phase out Russian oil in a ‘timely and orderly manner, and in ways that give the world time to secure alternative supplies’.

At that time, Boris Johnson and his colleagues mocked a photo of Putin riding a horse without a shirt.

Canada’s Justin Trudeau said: ‘We’ll get the bare-chested horse riding display.’

Mr Johnson told him, ‘There you go! We need to show them our pecs. ‘

TL; DR: That’s it, all Putin needed was a good old plague to get to his senses.

Ghislaine Maxwell imprisonment for 20 years

Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend will spend two decades behind bars for treating young girls to the convicted pedophile.

The 60-year-old was transferred has its on Tuesday, when she insisted she was also a victim of Epstein’s abuse.

She also said she hopes her ‘hard conviction’ will bring the victims ‘joy’.

“To those of you who speak here today and to those of you who did not, with this day help you to travel from darkness to light,” she added.

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell claim they do not have to pay for Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes with a long prison sentence (Image: SDNY / ZUMA Press Wire / REX)
Jeffrey Epstein employee Ghislaine Maxwell arrives in handcuffs at her sentencing hearing in a courtroom sketch (Photo: Reuters)

US District Judge recommended that she be imprisoned in the Alison Nathan Federal Correctional Institution with low security in Danbury, Connecticut, near New York.

Maxwell’s legal team asked Judge Nathan to send her to Danbury – a criminal facility known for its comparable convenience.

It has previously housed other well-known inmates, including singer Lauryn Hill, and where Piper Kerman, writer of Orange is the New Black served time.

Danbury houses 1,000 inmates in separate male and female prisons, and offers a variety of hobby or fitness programs for inmates

Maxwell is currently being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center – where she says she has been subjected to excessive searches in the cavity, mistreatment of prison guards and a prison cell full of rats.

TL; DR: Goodbye and good riddance.

Airport chaos – yet

There is still no end in sight to the absolute mania that travels everywhere to or from a UK airport at the moment.

The industry laid off too many staff members during the Covid pandemic and now airports and airlines cannot keep up with the increase in demand.

Most recent, a Tui flight was canceled more than two hours after passengers have already boarded the plane.

The flight from Cardiff to Dalaman, in Turkey, was originally scheduled to depart at 6pm on Monday, but travelers say the gates will not be open until 8.45pm.

After waiting 45 minutes on the runway, they would be told by staff that the take-off had to be returned while staff surrounded a drunk passenger.

One woman said she was told at 10pm to change her seatbelts and that the plane only started moving around midnight.

But the plane eventually turned around on the runway and passengers were told the flight was canceled.

Tui blamed the delays on unspecified ‘operational problems’ (Photo: Reuters)

One tourist took things into his own hands and made him appear as a wheelchair user to skip two hours airports in Turkey.

Wolf Jenkins, 28, filmed himself hanging without his sock and shoes while airport staff doted on his alleged ‘sprained’ ankle.

“Faked hurt to get my leg through the security faster and on the plane back from Ibiza,” he wrote. “Great what one can accomplish like that.”

Impossible to say, many who saw Wolf’s prank on social media were shocked, adding that he would be ashamed.

One woman said, ‘Be careful, because what goes around comes back. Comes from a wheelchair user. ‘

TL; DR: A holiday has never been more stressful.


About 200,000 people went to Glastonbury this year, with an incredible line-up including Sir Paul McCartney, the Sugarbabes and Diana Ross.

Sunday was the last day free with Kendrick Lamar brings the epic event to an end.

The rapper was one of several artists who used the platform to condemn the United States Supreme Court for overthrowing Roe v Wade and ending any constitutional right to abortion.

Lorde calls ‘f ** k the Supreme Court’ during their performance on Sunday and Billie Eilish said it was a ‘really, really dark day for women in the US’ as she performed on the day the news broke.

About 200,000 people went to Glastonbury this year (Image: Yui Mok / PA Wire)
All good things must come to an end (Image: PA)

Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen also dedicate the iconic song ‘f ** k you’ to the Supreme Court on Saturday.

Call an organizer this year’s festival ‘the best yet’.

The BBC has revealed its Glastonbury 2022 coverage across its digital platforms reached a record 34.1m times on BBC iPlayer and played 2.3m times on BBC Sounds.

Meanwhile, a huge 23m streams were live on BBC iPlayer – the highest on record for a BBC program brand.

The clean-up operation on the spot began, in an attempt to return it from a pop-up town to a Somerset dairy farm.

TL; DR: No, you’re jealous.



London is in for a colorful weekend of celebrations, as more than 1.5 million people are expected to march today.

Okay, it’s not exactly the heat wave people are hoping for, but it’s not cold or wet and that’s a win in this country.

You can join the parade at Hyde Park Corner at 12 p.m.

The crowds will follow the same route that was marched in the first Pride of the UK in 1972.

The march will start at 12 noon at Hyde Park Corner and end at 6 pm at Whitehall (Photo: Metro)

It is expected that it will be very busy by the time the parade reaches Piccadilly before everyone changes direction and moves south to The Mall.

The march will end in Whitehall at about 6 p.m.

It is expected that it will be very busy by the time the parade reaches Piccadilly before everyone changes direction and moves south to The Mall.

The march will end in Whitehall at about 6 p.m.

TL; DR: Happy Pride!

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ICYMI: Ukraine, Glastonbury and Pride - this week's digest of five biggest stories

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