Ian Poulter: European youth can help them again in the Rider Cup

Ian Poulter I believe Europe Even if that means the end of his own playing career, he can emulate the United States and bring a new generation of rider cup stars.

Porter held his proud undefeated record in singles and won Tony Finau Although the overall result has long been determined as the Homeside cruised for a record 19-9 victory in the Whistle Strait.

The 45-year-old said he could prove to be his last involvement in the contest as a player, as the older European team faces similar guard changes as the US side. I know it well. Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson, Deputy Captain of Wisconsin.

“Tiger (Woods) isn’t here, and Phil has a radio in his ear. They handed the baton,” Porter said.

“There were two emotional speakers in the team room on Saturday night, but I wish I were 20. When you played so much, it was a huge success. It’s difficult because I was part of a team that did.

“When you get older, it’s hard, and you know that many of the best days are behind you. We took a 25 minute drive to the course on Sunday, and you My heart begins to wander. Is this this? Will this be the last match of the Rider Cup outfit?

“I don’t know. I know. I’m 45 years old, see how it pans out. I’ll never say it realistically, but when I look at the strength of the (European) tour, I’ll tell the next team It will be very difficult to participate.

“We have super crops such as young players, the Hojgaard brothers (Rasmus and Nicolai). We can do what America did. Our young players, like Americans, You can grow in the next few years.

“It’s been the best week I’ve ever had, so I’ll do my best. It’s great to play seven times, but I don’t know if it’s going to be the last, so it works pretty well on the course. Even if I try to finish the game , Your heart started wandering and it was difficult to finish the game, but I’m glad I won. “

Porter admitted that he would be “upset” if he had a European captain. Padraig Harrington Following a record defeat, the visitor admitted that he simply lost to the strongest US side he faced.

“These are the best weeks of your career and I want to get involved at the highest level possible,” he added. “I was fortunate enough to win a good trophy, but all my professional memories come from the Rider Cup I played.

“There’s nothing like that to relate to it. I see a passion like no other. Last night Shane Laurie, have you seen him grow into an angry bear? Was great. That’s what it means.

“He wasn’t very emotional when he won the open in the backyard. The Rider Cup has a great impact on people and it’s a pleasure to participate.”

Ian Poulter: European youth can help them again in the Rider Cup

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