I wasn’t drunk when Rudy said to me “shut up”!Star Witnesses of Trump’s allegations of fraudulent voting say

Star Witnesses were “silent” by Rudy Giuliani when she beat a Michigan lawmaker while detailing allegations of election fraud, and she was “absolutely drunk” during a hearing on Thursday. I didn’t. “

Two 33-year-old mothers, Melissa Carone, talked about Republicans, claiming that “Democrats are ruining your life,” and “I know what I saw. I know. I know what I saw. If I’m wrong, I can go to jail. “

On Thursday, she insisted that she “needed to get rid of social media,” and posted a photo of herself with Giuliani on Twitter and a mashup of evidence comparing her to “Rocky.”

The mashup ridiculed Republicans and showed Trump’s Marine One over the crowd at the rally.

On the internet, she was featured in other mashups and compared to SNL’s Cecily Strong girl. I hope you haven’t started a conversation with the character.


Carone spoke at a hearing on the Michigan House Oversight Committee Wednesday about her allegations that she saw a voting worker voting “thousands” on a voting machine that the judge had already said was “untrustworthy.” It was.

Carone said she worked as a contractor for the Dominion Voting System at the Detroit TCF Center.

At a hearing on Wednesday, former Dominion contractor Melissa Carone was (failed) silenced by Rudy Giuliani.

Virus Fame: Melissa Carone found herself compared to the SNL character

Her favorite version: Carone posted a pro-trump mashup comparing her to Rocky on social media that she claimed to have given up.

At a hearing, Carone claimed that while working as a contractor, workers were shuttled to a facility called the “Chicago Warehouse,” where they witnessed most of the fraud.

“I know there is illegal activity there,” Carone declared at a hearing, claiming that people had “pictures” of boxes being taken out of the warehouse. Neither she nor Giuliani nor Janet Ellis (Trump’s other private attorney) produced anything during the hearing.

At some point in the hearing, Republican state legislature Steve Johnson said he should testify under an oath.

But in response, the 33-year-old said she “had an affidavit.”

“I’m a mother. I have two children. I have two degrees. There are no women in the world who write affidavits just to write affidavits. You can go to jail for this. You can, “she said.

She also spoke repeatedly and raised her voice about the legislators. At that point, Giuliani leaned forward and appeared to “silence” her.

One of her claims was that the voting book (the register of those who voted) was “30,000 out of sync.”

“We haven’t forgotten the 30,000 polls,” he said.

“Did you take it and do something crazy with it?” She replied.

“I’m just saying that the numbers haven’t dropped by 30,000,” Johnson said.

“I know what I saw. Did I know what I saw and signed something that said I could go to jail if I was wrong? ? “

She couldn’t help herself, even when the chair told her to answer unobtrusively.

“It was terribly off, dead people voted, and illegal immigrants voted,” she said of his question.

Carone’s affidavit was included in a Michigan proceeding filed by the Trump team in hopes of suspending Wayne County’s election certification.

Not only was the request denied by the judge, the same judge said Carone’s allegations were “simply unreliable.”

She said when a Democratic lawmaker told her that a judge at Michigan State University had determined that her evidence “did not match other affidavits.” There was no.

“Sir, I wrote a written affidavit, yes, that’s 100% true.”

Trump Star Witness: Melissa Carone posted a photo of herself with Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis

Meet family:

Unreliable: The judge determined that her sworn evidence was not totaled, even before she repeated it to the Michigan State Capitol.

Carone is an avid Trump supporter, calling Joe Biden “literally spiritual” and posting her support on social media for months, demanding the recall of Democratic Governor of Michigan, Megan Whitmer. I’ve been doing it.

She lives with her fiancé Matthew Stackpool, 36, on the outskirts of Wayne County, Michigan, and posted a photo showing her home with a Trump Pence sign. The couple has a five-month-old daughter, but she has a three-year-old son because of her previous relationship.

Stackpoole also has a son and daughter from a previous marriage and appears to be involved in an ongoing custody dispute with his mother.

Carone said she probably worked as an intern in Ford, Livonia and was hired to work in Dominion through an agency.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from the ITT Technical Institute in Dearborn and an associate degree in IT from the University of Michigan, Dearborn. Both study periods were combined with working with low-level IT jobs.

In her testimony, she claimed she couldn’t get a job after alleging fraud.

“My life was destroyed,” she said. “I lost my family, I lost my friends. I had to change my phone number. I had to get rid of social media.

“Democrats like to ruin their lives, so I can’t get a real job anymore. That’s why, as they did Trump.”

Carone participated in a “stop theft” protest earlier this month and appeared on a series of Protrump stations, including Fox Business Network’s Ludobus, after the affidavit was released.

Despite claiming to “eliminate social media,” she posted a photo with Giuliani and Ellis after the hearing.

And she filled her Twitter feed with praise for Trump, claiming the election wasn’t over, and her photo at a “stop stealing” rally in Lansing outside the Michigan State Capitol.

She replied, “It was me,” to the president who tweeted a link to one of her media appearances.

Her car accident testimony is the latest and most valuable moment that has plagued Giuliani’s efforts to swing the election in favor of President Donald Trump by claiming that there was a large fraudulent vote in the election. did.

Judge after the judge dismissed his proceeding-he claims to be heading to the Supreme Court-and he and Ellis are another member of their self-proclaimed “elite strike force”, conspiracy theorist Sydney・ I lost Powell.

Witnesses argued at a hearing of the Michigan House Oversight Committee Wednesday on “how all Chinese are similar.”

One of the other members, Joe Digenova, demanded the execution of the dismissed election guard Chris Krebs, claiming it was ironic.

So far, they haven’t overturned the state’s results and are now taking a national tour of Republican-convened conferences or hearings to make fraudulent claims. Many have already been dismissed by judges.

When Giuliani claimed a voter ID requirement in the state on Wednesday night, another witness was presented who claimed that “all Chinese are similar.”

“Other representatives said you could actually appear and vote without an ID, it’s shocking. How can you allow it to happen?” Hearing at Lansing An unidentified witness pondered.

“Many people think all Indians are similar, I think all Chinese are similar, so what do you say?”

The comment sought a light laugh from others in the room before the woman continued her claim.

“When a child appears, you can vote for anyone, and if the person who has my name can’t even say my name, anyone can vote for me. You can, so ID must be a basic requirement, “she concludes.

I wasn’t drunk when Rudy said to me “shut up”!Star Witnesses of Trump’s allegations of fraudulent voting say

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