I was overweight and didn’t realize I was there, but after losing 9th place, I feel like my “bones are exploding”, says Chanel Hayes.

Chanel Hayes reveals a shocking battle with me who hasn’t been diagnosed for years because of obesity.

Former Big Brother Star 34-year-old recently lost nine stones after gastric sleeve surgery helped reduce her “addiction” to bulimia.


Chanel Hayes admits that he missed the diagnosis of ME because of obesityCredit: Rex
34 years old lost 9 stones


34 years old lost 9 stonesCredit: Instagram

But now, despite being in the best of her life, the two mothers are secretly suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, and she feels intolerable pain.

Chanel states that he always feels “bone explodes” when comparing pain to childbirth.

Her health was so bad and she was always so tired that she had to give up going to the gym, drinking alcohol and enjoying the night with her friends.

The student nurse spoke to The Sun for the first time about her hidden illness:

“I thought,’I’m overweight, it’s my own fault, it’s no wonder I’m always tired, and it’s no wonder my joints are killing me.'”

“Then when I started losing weight, I felt the pain was getting worse.

Chanel is always tired


Chanel is always tiredCredit: Rex

“It’s a hidden obstacle that people ridicule when you’re lazy.

“But I have slept for 14 hours, and when I wake up in the morning, I still don’t have enough energy to brush my teeth and straighten my hair.

“It’s literally terrible and frustrating. I was so angry about how tired I was that I realized I was crying.

“I don’t understand why my body doesn’t let me do certain things.

“I’m a qualified personal trainer and I love going to the gym, but I can’t physically go anymore. Once I go, I’m out of bed for about four days.

“I’m sleeping a lot, so I feel like I’m missing a lot of time with my kids. I’ve slept a lot, so I’ve lost more weight than I expected.”

Chanel, who made a name for himself on Channel 4’s Big Brother at the age of 19 in 2007, suffered from fatigue and joint and muscle pain for years before his diagnosis.

In the worst case, Chanel remains tied to bed for days after drinking a glass of wine and training.

She was also forced to take a three-hour nap after running a 35-minute school run, dropping children Breakley, 11, and Frankie, four.

Chanel describes the discomfort he feels on a daily basis: “Pain is like having a volcano in my bones and exploding.

“It’s just my bone pain. Then I feel muscle pain. If you gently press my muscle, it will die. It feels like my whole body is hurt.

“I gave birth twice. I couldn’t relieve the pain once. When expanded 9 cm, it was equivalent to the pain that went into my bones.

“I don’t want it to anyone-even my worst enemy-because it prevents your body from living your life until it decides it can continue to function again. “

Despite many trips to the doctor, the 5’3 inch star was said to have been associated with her problem at the 17th £ 4 for many years.

But after falling from size 18 to size 10, Chanel asked for an answer-and finally she was told she had me

“I’ve done so many tests that it feels like an experimental mouse,” says Chanel.

“They tested me with thyroid problems, hormonal problems, arthritis, but everything went back to normal and I received a clean health bill.

“Unfortunately that means only I’m left

“When the doctor told me, he said,’It’s not good news,’ because it doesn’t really disappear.”

Since then, Chanel has been studying incurable conditions to understand how she can avoid a relapse.

“I’ve been trying to figure out what makes my symptoms worse,” explains Chanelle.

“Currently, I have more mental stress, which is triggering a relapse.

“I also know that drinking can cause pain, so I’m doing my best to avoid it now, but my mental health seems to bother me.

“I was overwhelmed by it.”

Ironically, trainee nurse Chanel spent last year caring for a patient suffering from severe ME.

She is currently taking medication seven times daily to control her chronic pain.

She is afraid that this condition will prevent her at the university, where she was given a 13-week hospital assignment in March and is expected to work 40 hours a week.

But Chanel, who lives with accountant boyfriend Dan Bingham, claims he doesn’t want people to feel sorry for him.

“I am very grateful that I have only mild to moderate symptoms,” she says.

“Some ME patients need full-time care. I don’t want to reach that point because it can get worse.

“It’s not something you can control, it’s trying to settle my trigger.

“I turned such a brave face on everyone. I don’t think anyone except my boyfriend Dan actually saw how bad it was.

“It made me realize what attributes he is and how I don’t want to be with anyone else.

“He really stepped up. I honestly don’t know what I did without him.”

Chanel dresses up on Christmas day


Chanel dresses up on Christmas dayCredits: chanellefhayes / Instagram
Chanel Hayes takes off her underwear and shows off her 9.5th weight loss after revealing laxative addiction

I was overweight and didn’t realize I was there, but after losing 9th place, I feel like my “bones are exploding”, says Chanel Hayes.

Source link I was overweight and didn’t realize I was there, but after losing 9th place, I feel like my “bones are exploding”, says Chanel Hayes.

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