I was breached into a set of celebrities and the “intruder” was removed | Ent & Arts News

According to ITV, the intruder has been removed from I’m A Celebrity’s castle set … Get Me Out Of Here!

The incident is understood to have happened earlier in the week The show was forced to pre-record the episode on Friday Due to the bad weather brought by Storm Erwen..

According to a statement from the program, “A security breach was identified and the intruder was immediately eliminated from the location.

“The safety of both our celebrities and the production crew continues to be our main concern.”

Presenters Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly (known as Ant and Deck) said Glitch Castle in North Wales before the violent storm warning forced ITV to pre-record episodes of the show for the first time. It was set to broadcast live from.

The pair posted a video from outside the castle before the program. There, the roar of the wind in the background was obvious.

“You’ve heard that we had to record the show a little earlier tonight because of the wind here in Storm Awen,” Donnelly said.

“That’s bad, it’s really windy,” McPartlin said. “You can hear it, it’s rattling the tent, it may blow this away, so we have to get it done and get out of here.”

“Everyone is afraid that the satellite will go down because it gets worse later, so it’s a bit dangerous to have a live show, so we need to record it tonight. We did it for the first time,” Donnelly added. rice field.

“It’s very windy, but it’s even worse than lentils for lunch, so Ant is also a bit windy,” he said.

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This year’s I’ma Celeb series has already been suspended after the TV presenter Richard Madley was forced to withdraw After breaking the show’s COVID bubble.

The 65-year-old boy was taken to the hospital early Thursday morning after getting sick and had to be pulled out for a visit.

The journalist and broadcaster later said he was “angry” for not being able to return to the set and feeling “fit for a fiddle.”

The show, which was normally held in Australia, was moved to Wales last year due to a travel ban on COVID-19.

I was breached into a set of celebrities and the “intruder” was removed | Ent & Arts News

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