“I thought she would be a British star, but we already have a queen,” Megan claims, the author claims.

Megan Markle The author claims that she came to the UK thinking she would be a star.

Barbara Taylor, a female writer of matter, explained that the “imagination” of the 40-year-old Duchess of Sussex failed because Britain already had a “shining star.” Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 95.

“Meghan was just a starlet in the United States, but came to the UK imagining she would be a red carpet star,” Barbara said. Daily mail.

She continued: “What is she? [Meghan] What I didn’t realize is that we already have a shining star on the red carpet. She is called the Queen. “

Megan Markle “imagined she would be a star in Britain,” the author claims.

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Spout out the monarch and grandchildren Prince William, And his wife Kate Middleton, Both at 39, she added:

understood!online We contacted a Megan representative for further comments on the complaint.

Megan and Harry Resigned as a senior member of the royal family in January 2020 Soon after, he emigrated to the United States with his son Archie (now two).

Since then, they have greeted their second child, daughter Lillivet, and have built a career away from the royal bond.

Megan Markle and Prince Harry want to move out of a luxurious American mansion
Prince Harry and Megan resigned as senior royal family in 2020

Currently, 37-year-old Prince Harry’s brother William and his wife appear to be on tour in the United States, but experts claim that “Fabfor” will not meet again.

Official visit announced later William’s Earthshot Award Ceremony Last MonthThis is the first time William and Kate have visited New York since they visited New York in 2014.

But this time, we’ll have to face fierce speculation about whether the royal couple intends to meet Harry and Megan.

“A trip to the United States was unavoidable because it is our closest ally, but there is no way on earth for Prince William to want to share some of the official Royal Tour on behalf of the Queen, Great Britain and the Commonwealth. , Be careful. “Prince Harry,” said Duncan Larcom, author of “Prince Harry: Inside Story.” understood!

Prince Harry and Megan Markle now live in the United States away from Prince Kate and Prince William.
Harry and Megan now live in the United States away from Kate and Prince William

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“What we are seeing is increasing signs that Harry and Megan have established themselves as almost American satellite royal families. Megan influences major American politicians. Swap her titles to try things out. Harry is still Prince Harry and can orbit New York like these days, as if nothing had changed.

“But of course, they are not royalty. What the palace officials are saying is that Harry and Megan will join William and Kate in the official part of this visit.”

The visit is organized in an official royal position, which means that the Protocol will be upheld, Duncan said.

Duncan says Prince Harry and Megan will not meet again on a US tour with Prince William and Kate
Duncan said Harry and Megan wouldn’t reunite with William and Kate on the tour

“I don’t know the details of the trip yet, but the last time William and Kate went to the United States, they went to a red carpet event in Los Angeles with a rising star in the British film. This time it was arranged in LA. Even if there is an event, Harry and Megan are said not to attend the event unless they are separately invited to private.

“So there won’t be a reunion of Fab 4, that’s for sure.”

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"I thought she would be a British star, but we already have a queen," Megan claims, the author claims.

Source link "I thought she would be a British star, but we already have a queen," Megan claims, the author claims.

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