I personally paid for two scans with MRI Plus, but my GP says it was “insufficiently organized”

I made an appointment with a chiropractor in July. She suggested that an MRI scan of the lower back and an MSK (x-ray) scan of the lower back should be done to identify the problem I am experiencing.

When I asked MRI Plus if I could do both at the same time, I was told that I could make a reservation. Both scan types were estimated at £ 359 and image CDs at £ 25.

I was asked to fill out an online application form and was asked to explicitly request two separate scan types: MRI of the back and MSK of both hips.

But after the scan was complete, I found out that they scanned the wrong area and the CD didn’t work either. Now I want a refund, but it doesn’t offer it. what can I do?

A customer of MRI Plus was told by his GP and chiropractor that the company scanned the wrong area.

Grace Gausden, a consumer expert at This is Money, replied: I didn’t want to sing hip, hip, hooray throughout the process of getting two scans with MRI Plus, which has a center in Hendon and one in Leonsee.

Initially, the chiropractor recommended me to book with MRI Plus, and when I booked with a scan, I specifically asked if I could send the report to both the chiropractor and the GP.

You were told this is possible, and all you need to do is talk to the technician when you attend the clinic you claim you did and reveal it in your online application It was just that.

You attended the center in August and printed a piece of paper with all the contact details for your GP and chiropractor. I also clearly printed two separate scan requests at the top of this sheet, so there was no question what was wrong. necessary.

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I didn’t run the query inside the machine because I didn’t do an MRI scan before assuming that the machine I used could perform both types of scans.

When you got home, you handed the CD of images to your GP and chiropractor, but not only did they not have access to the photos, but you then got the NHS GP at the start of the Covid pandemic. You are not allowed to use external data other than those obtained from the online NHS sources that your GP told them to practicing.

On another appointment, the NHS physiotherapist added that in some surgeries, the CD inlet port was taped to prevent people from using unregulated data sources.

Before noticing this, you contacted MRI Plus to complain about the disc, and said it came in only one format that couldn’t be changed, but it gave you a replacement Sent.

Unfortunately, by the time the replacement arrived, you had already met your GP and physiotherapist, so the disc was useless for diagnostic purposes.

During this time, written reports were sent to both the GP and the chiropractor.

When you attend both appointments, they only mention the spine and lumbar spine, and only a short paragraph showing that “a mild osteoarthritis change in both hips, slightly noticeable on the right side”. Said it wasn’t.

MRI Plus claims to have scanned the appropriate area, but the image is a matter of interpretation

MRI Plus claims to have scanned the appropriate area, but the image is a matter of interpretation

They also showed that on request, an MRI scan was performed on the hips rather than the MSK, and that they referred to the abdomen, which was not the area to be scanned, and the head of the humerus, which was not in the relevant area.

MSK scan refers to the musculoskeletal system and MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging.

You said that both your GP and your physiotherapist did not say anything to help them, as the reports were not well organized and accepted.

Since then, you’ve been trying to get an answer from MRI Plus about why you made a mistake, but you’re not getting a satisfactory answer.

Therefore, I contacted the company to find out what happened and why your GP, chiropractor, and physiotherapist all considered it worthless.

An MRI Plus spokesman said: ‘When I checked the records, I found that Mr. T had two MRI scans of the lumbar spine and the lumbar spine. In his referral form, he requested a standard MRI of his back and hips to include his hips.

‘These scans were combined because both the body coil and the lumbar coil were placed together on an MRI scanner. Mr. T may have felt that he had only one scan, but in reality two MRI scans were done at once.

‘As for optical discs, Mr. T was advised that optical discs are configured to work only on Windows PCs and not on Apple PCs. I sent the second disc to Mr. T in case the first disc was not formatted correctly.

“Regarding the reports of our consultant radiologist, Mr. T’s practitioner’s view may differ from that of our radiologist, but this is a clinical judgment of each part.

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“Our consultant’s report mentioned the abdomen because the radiologist can see the abdomen through an image of the lumbar spine.

“The report was properly sent to the practitioner T was identified in a timely manner, but he seems to have been dissatisfied with T’s GP surrounding the Covid-19 issue, which we can help. Not.

“Our hospital manager called Mr. T twice and left a message on his landline without a reply from him. He called and discussed the issue raised by Mr. T. happy.”

Obviously, MRI Plus believes it acted accordingly and violently rejects the suggestion that it did not perform the correct scan.

But after I contacted the company, it offered you a half total refund, so you advised me that you paid only one scan fee and returned the other scan fee-you What I believed was in the wrong area-and the cost of one CD report.

Fortunately, it has been confirmed that £ 204.50 of funds will be returned imminently, and you are happy with the decision.

The victim of the fraud was frustrated when Three said he would cancel his direct debit to solve the problem.

The victim of the fraud was frustrated when Three said he would cancel his direct debit to solve the problem.

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“They provided me with an iPhone 13 Pro Max with unlimited data for £ 35 per month I agreed to, but the scammer is a scammer with multiple contracts in my name. It turns out, one is O2 and the other is Three.

‘O2 investigated my case and as a result closed the case and removed the scam from the credit file and addressed this within 10 days.

“But Three has been investigating for a month and will not provide a solution. I was told to cancel the direct withdrawal that could be resolved with a bad credit rating. What can i do?’

It seemed unusual for O2 to be able to classify the issue immediately, but Three struggled to fix the issue for over a month and advised to cancel the withdrawal directly.

I contacted the company and asked why it took so long to resolve the issue.

The three spokespersons said:

“Since then, we have recorded the account as fraudulent and provided our customers with full refunds and good faith gestures. Based on this experience, we will further train with the team.”

Fortunately, this is categorized and I received a £ 100 goodwill gesture, but if you get a call from someone trying to sell something, it’s a good idea to be careful with your customers. increase.

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I personally paid for two scans with MRI Plus, but my GP says it was “insufficiently organized”

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