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I miss the winning trophy: Pogba

Manchester [UK]April 18 (ANI): Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba says he missed the winning trophy, and it’s time for his team to manage to win.

United hasn’t won a major title since winning Jose Mourinho’s 2017 Europa League final. The current manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has yet to see any substantial success under his rule.

“Personally, I miss it very much and I miss something. I have to win something. I just want to win something. I play or I can’t win. I don’t like. I’m a bad loser. I’m always a bad loser so I want to win every time I play. Personally, I want to be very bad. I think I’m getting closer and closer. I think there’s an improvement. “Pogba told Sky Sports. “When I say improvement, this club has a big goal and purpose we want to achieve, it’s about winning and holding trophies. That’s what we want and that’s a big step. Will be, “he added.

Pogba, who further talked about United’s chances of winning the title, said, “We are happy. We are there. We are close. We are still in the Europa League. There is still something to play. “. Unless there are trophies in Manchester City, the league is still going on. I have a chance to win something again this year, so why not, “he added.

United is currently second in the Premier League rankings, 11 points behind table-top Manchester City. (ANI)

I miss the winning trophy: Pogba

SourceI miss the winning trophy: Pogba

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