I had to get 7 needles after stumbling on trash while cleaning a neighborhood plagued by illegal dumping and mice

A fierce Grand Blast debris made a fuss after she suffered a horrific facial injury when the tip stumbled into a fly dog’s cage while trying to clean up the trash bag.

Jean McKean, 79, stumbled across a broken cage left in an alley behind his home in Warrington, Cheshire. She was cleaning up the trash that was illegally dumped on the street.


Gran Jean McKeown rolled into a broken cage left behind the house, leaving seven stitches and a broken nose.Credit: SWNS

Grandma was taken to the hospital, had seven seams, was treated for a broken nose after the accident on November 26, and had her face and head cut.

Jean says her road in Warrington is plagued by fly-tippers that throw trash, broken furniture and refrigerators by the side of the house.

A retired greengrocer who grew up in the East End of London and knew the Kray twins, was cleaning up the trash on Wordsley Street when he fell into a cage.

She said: “It scared me so much because I fell down with such a bang. I want people to notice, it’s dangerous.

“I just want Congress to pay a little attention. Fly tipping seems illegal, but no one does anything about it.

“The problem is definitely getting worse. People don’t mind, seeing the trash thrown into the street, no one says a word.”

Jean, who has two grandchildren, needed seven needles, broke his nose, and suffered many painful cuts and bruises.

Jean and her daughters often go to pick up trash in her neighborhood after the area has been plagued by mice.

Jean said:

“There is a giant rat running around in the trash and chewing on the bag.

“I had a mouse at home, but I’m worried that it might crawl on my face while I’m sleeping. The situation is intolerable.

“My daughters and I go out every week to put the discarded trash in a bag and throw it in the trash can.

“We have to do something because no one else does, and the council just ignores our call.”

“Unbearable situation”

Jean’s daughter Beverly Chadwick, 56, who lives a few doors below her mother, said the problem was that tenants in the area dumped trash.

She said: “I heard knocking at 8:30 am in the morning. I opened the door to this bloody-faced person, and it was terrible.

“I was scared to see in front of me.

“There was an abandoned dog cage in the back alley of our house. It was disguised as a shiny black cobblestone and she couldn’t see it.

“People just dump trash in the alleys. We have a lot of renters who just dump their stuff when they leave.”

A spokesperson for the Warrington Autonomous Region Council said:

“As the incidents were repeated, as part of a broader project, we conducted educational visits to local residents and helped them responsibly store and dispose of waste.

“I was informed on Monday about a recent illegal dumping involving a dog cage, but unfortunately, by the time we were notified, a resident had stumbled upon it and was injured.

“We hope they will recover completely and quickly, and hope that irresponsible people who dispose of garbage will recognize that their actions can have a direct impact on people in the community. increase.

“We will conduct a full investigation of this case and strive to take action against the perpetrators.”


The fly-tip cage was thrown into the alley behind Jean’s house in Warrington and did not appear to be a black cobblestone.Credit: SWNS


Jean was taken to the hospital, where he sewed seven needles, was treated for a broken nose, and cut his face and head.Credit: SWNS

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I had to get 7 needles after stumbling on trash while cleaning a neighborhood plagued by illegal dumping and mice

SourceI had to get 7 needles after stumbling on trash while cleaning a neighborhood plagued by illegal dumping and mice

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