I felt suicide after my father “King Richard” abandoned me and the tension left me with an eating disorder for decades.

Serena Williams’ half-parents (part of his father’s “secret first family” ignored by King Richard’s filmmakers) committed suicide and suffered from eating disorders after he abandoned her. I say I was out.

Richard Williams, 79, I went out to my daughter Sabrina And when she was only eight, her brothers told her she was going to buy a bike before returning to her family’s home.


Sabrina Williams has pioneered decades of struggle with mental healthCredits: www.thisischriswhite.com
Her father Richard Williams abandoned his first family before Serena and Venus were born.


Her father Richard Williams abandoned his first family before Serena and Venus were born.Credit: AFP

He started a new family with Serena and her sister Venus’ mother, ex-wife Olasen Price, and became obsessed with her daughters’ success as tennis stars.

Sabrina who previously blamed the new movie The life of her fatherPlayed by actor Will Smith, he said she had debilitating problems for decades after he left.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, she said: “I would like to share my story, but I can send a message about mental health.

“For me, trying to kill myself and suicidal ideation when I was young, I’m not crazy and healthy.

“From this article, I want people to know if you’re not alone, whether it’s bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, loss of appetite, bulimia, gambling, etc. You’re okay. Ask for help. please.

“The strongest person is the one who can identify the weaknesses. The weakest person is not the one who can identify his strengths.

“Mental health really struggled as I grew up from the age of 10.

“I had a mom and a dad, so I felt like I had nothing to do with the other kids. At that time, there weren’t many divorced parents.

“I also struggled to grow in areas that were mostly not from my racial background.”

In the absence of Richard, Sabrina’s mother, Betty, had to take care of her six children, including one from a previous relationship. He says his daughter had an eating disorder.

“At the age of 14, I really started suffering from mental health,” she told the sun.

“I noticed that I was hoarding food. We went from having food to not having it. It was really scarce,” they mainly beans. He added that he lived in rice.

“I remember many times that my mom always made sure there was food on the table, but I knew the times that it might not be that many.

“I was storing food like my mom bought Ding Dong’s chocolate cake. After everyone slept, I sneaked into the cabinet at night and took three or four out of the packet.

“Or, if I had chicken, beans and rice left, I took a small bowl and put it under the bed. I was afraid of getting hungry and the food was stuffing my emotions. I really want to. There wasn’t. Please be aware of my feelings. “

Sabrina, now 57, admitted that she had a turbulent relationship with her mother, often turned her on before she died of cancer in 1988, and accused her of making excuses for her father’s absence.

The family was torn

She admits that it took decades to realize that it wasn’t her mother’s fault and her father would never be in her life.

Richard In the early 1960s, he married Sabrina’s late mother Betty Johnson in Los Angeles.

They had 4 other children –Richard III, 56, Ronner, 55, Reluss, 54, and Reneeka, 49.

Richard got married Serena When Venus‘Orasen, the mother before divorcing in 2002 Allegations of domestic violence, He vehemently denied.

Sabrina accidentally bumped into Richard when she was with her tennis brothers and sisters at the Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park in California in the late 90’s. This is the only time she has met Serena or Venus.

He promised to stay in touch, but that didn’t happen and the number he gave was out of order, so Sabrina returned to a comfortable blanket with bad eating habits.

The sun asked Richard’s lawyer for comment.

As reported, former tennis coaches can now barely speak and are being taken care of by their families after suffering from a two-stroke.

According to court documents during the divorce of his third wife, Lakei Shagraham, his doctor said he had dementia and irreparable brain damage.

Sabrina agreed with the fact that she would never see him again and said she would not attend his funeral.

She said to the sun: “I think I knew in my heart that my dad was the cause of this. [pain], But I didn’t blame my dad, I blamed my mother, I put the real reason on one side, and just blamed my mother for everything.


“I never even talked to her until I came to the conclusion that it was my father, not my mother, who put us in this situation.

“It changed when I met my dad at Knott’s Berry Farm. It hit me. But once again, I just stuffed those feelings, and I remember the day I met him. , I just went and ate three funnel cakes and got sugar high and then literally fell asleep on a park bench.

“In my heart, he was a good dad. My mother prevented us from seeing him, or my mother did something to get him to change numbers. I’ve always found a reason to blame her.

“My dad wanted to see me, he was looking for me, and he was still out on the saying bike.

“It was how stupid it was and how misleading I was.”

Sabrina had previously blown up a new movie that didn’t mention her father’s first family, and Sun actor Will Smith said he should be ashamed of appearing in the movie.

She thinks the movie title is “completely above.”

“He thinks he’s the king of the world, but no one around him thinks he’s King Richard,” she laughed. “It’s a ridiculous title, but it’s actually perfect for him.

“He is not the king of the world. Psychologically looking at him, it is never achieved except in his head. Through his two daughters who abandoned all the other children. Only alive.

“Honestly, those girls went up to the top while the other kids were suffering because of the choice my dad chose. After he left, we grew up in poverty. “


“King Richard” is played in a new movie by Academy Award-winning actor Will Smith.Credit: AFP
Tennis coach depicting Serena and Venus as children


Tennis coach depicting Serena and Venus as childrenCredit: Getty
Sabrina beat her estranged father and said she wouldn't attend the funeral


Sabrina beat her estranged father and said she wouldn’t attend the funeralCredits: www.thisischriswhite.com

I felt suicide after my father “King Richard” abandoned me and the tension left me with an eating disorder for decades.

Source link I felt suicide after my father “King Richard” abandoned me and the tension left me with an eating disorder for decades.

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