I don’t like fame and live in the forest

Michelin Star, A List Restaurant and ITV’s Hell’s Kitchen have created Marco Pierre White as a world-renowned chef.

And with his return to television with his former disciple-turned rival Gordon Ramsay, the 59-year-old fascinating stock is set to rise again.


Marco Pierre White isn’t in the limelight, but he stops by with his fans to take a selfie.Credits: Stella Artois

But the man, formerly known as the dreaded Anfan of British cuisine, claims he has no interest in fame.

When asked if he likes to be in the limelight in an exclusive interview with The Sun, he said: I think I’m responsible.

“”I live in the woods outside Bath, no one really sees me. I’m in London today, but I’m rarely seen unless I’m working. “

Marco’s rise to stardom began in 1987 with the opening of his legendary Onesworth restaurant Harveys.

It wasn’t long before the first star of his three Michelin stars was awarded, and the restaurant has become one of the most popular eateries in the capital.

Delicious French cuisine was similarly wrapped by critics and celebrity dining guests, and the restaurant proved a breeding ground for talent, including Gordon Ramsay, who learned his trade in the kitchen.

Alongside the acclaimed reviews, there were occasional stories of rude customers getting bogged down.

Marco said: Back in the 80’s and 90’s on Harveys, I was asking people to leave. You can’t have it. “

He is currently working with Stella Altova, a charity and hospitality action to emphasize the importance of etiquette in restaurants and bars.

This campaign encourages people to be polite when buying pints during this festival.

He states: “It’s a minority, and if you think about it, it’s important to remember that there is a shortage of industry staff at this time.

“People have lived in blockades and returned to restaurants and pubs. At social distances, a little frustration arises. Sometimes frustration can lead to rudeness.”

The selection of pubs in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Newport is kind this Christmas as you can get a £ 1 reduction from the price of a pint just by saying “Can you give me Stella?” When ordering. .. And for each pint ordered, Stella Altova will donate to Hospitality Action.

Six years after leaving Harveys in 1993, Marco quit the kitchen forever, becoming increasingly dissatisfied and coveted by the constraints of being a world-famous chef, especially the long hours and relentless judgment from home. Returned the Michelin Star that had been.

He subsequently opened a series of steakhouses, chop houses, Italian restaurants in New York, and more.

Now, more than 20 years later, he has launched perhaps the most innovative dish ever, a 3D-printed vegan steak.

He praises them as “geniuses” because he’s obsessed with Redefine Meat products that retail for £ 20 to £ 30.

The attention they gathered surprised Marco. He states: “I was quite shocked by the size of the waves. It was more like a tsunami than a wave. I was really, really shocked.

“This is the smartest product I’ve ever seen. I think it’s a game changer, I think it’s revolutionary. It’s only a matter of time before Michelin starred restaurants start on the menu. It’s a genius, that’s the only way to explain it in one word. “

It was a daily temptation

Marco Pierre White

The growing tendency towards vegetarianism and his own daughter’s dietary preferences were sufficient to convince him that it was a worthy concept to support.

“My daughter, she’s 19 years old, has a 99% chance of being a vegetarian, and there’s a 1% that curiosity makes her better,” he said. “Looking at her friends, 80% of them were vegetarians and sometimes 20% of their meals were vegetarians in the evening. It’s extraordinary and I have huge growth in it. That means. When I entered the industry over 40 years ago, there were no vegetarians, but now they are very large. “

A few years ago, Marco became vegan himself for nine months, but in the end he couldn’t let go of his love for meat.

“It was a daily temptation,” he said. “You can see delicious roast chicken coming out of the oven, past delicious beef ribs, past delicious cheeseboards. I surrendered. It took 9 months and surrendered. I succumbed to it. , It was extraordinary.

“I was doing it for a trip, and today I don’t eat meat every day of my life. I eat fish, I eat meat, and I also eat vegetarians. I’m a vegetarian I like cooking. You go to restaurants now, and they make it interesting, whereas 30 years ago you think “Oh vegetarian, I’ve never heard of it” prize. Now they play a big role in our menu. “

This year’s Christmas lunch at Marco’s house will be more traditional with turkey and all the trimmings.

He is in charge of preparing food because he “doesn’t trust others in gravy or roasting turkey.” The scene sounds much more relaxed than the kitchen he named.

He states: “Cooking for family and friends can give you more joy. Then isn’t it a job? When you always have an X amount of service in a restaurant, it’s a job. , You have to concentrate. There is a huge difference between doing something for joy and doing something for work.

“They always say they are the best turkeys ever.”

Marco Pierre White was a menacing figure in Hell's Kitchen


Marco Pierre White was a menacing figure in Hell’s Kitchen
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I don’t like fame and live in the forest

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