“I didn’t see anything and I didn’t expect it.”

Anita Atkinson, a self-proclaimed “lifelong monarchist,” learned on April 9 that she was “absolutely shocked.” Duke of Edinburgh I was dead.

Buckingham Palace and the government urged the public not to visit Windsor. Duke’s funeral On Saturday, however, 64-year-old Ms. Atkinson couldn’t discourage witnessing the “history of production” with one and two granddaughters of her daughter.

Atkinson has traveled to Windsor many times from his home in Weardale, Durham, but has never seen the city of Berkshire as empty as when he drove off on the weekends. This time she observed more police officers, stewards and journalists than the general public.

“I wanted to pay tribute to this guy we owe a lot and go to represent the area where I was born,” said a royal superfan about her travel decision.

Wearing a black T-shirt with the face of the Duke of Edinburgh and carrying a book of condolences she put together, including messages from the people of Weardale, Ms. Atkinson spent most of the afternoon on a bench outside a branch near McDonald’s. I spent sitting down. In the chapel of St. George with her family.

“I had never seen anything and didn’t expect it,” Atkinson said.

“We almost sat on the bench and waited. We were there all the time during the funeral.”

But the family heard a little of what the country saw on television.

“There was only a wall between us and the St. George’s Chapel,” said Ms. Atkinson.

“I heard the national anthem playing, so I knew the Queen was there.”

She added: “I felt a big wave of sympathy for Queen Charles and Prince Charles … his fate is now really thundering at him at the speed of knots.”

Atkinson owns more than 12,000 royal memorabilia and is exhibiting at the farm museum.

Regarding the understated funeral, she said: “There weren’t that many people, but the people there were passionate about Prince Phillip. I always intended to make that effort.”

“I didn’t see anything and I didn’t expect it.”

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