I deleted my Twitter account

MOLLY-Mae Hague has revealed that it has permanently deleted its Twitter account.

The 22-year-old entered the latest YouTube video, branding the platform as “toxic” and “terrifying.”


Molly May Hague reveals she has quit TwitterCredits: YouTube / Molly-Mae Hague
The Love Island star became emotional after discussing her invasion of her home last month.


The Love Island star became emotional after discussing her invasion of her home last month.Credits: YouTube / Molly-Mae Hague

In the video, influencers admitted that she was suffering from “the most difficult times of her life” after £ 800,000 worth of goods were stolen from her Manchester apartment.

Talking to her followers, a former Love Island star said, “I’ve never felt better” since I got off the platform.

She started as follows: “I’m about to move away from social media. I actually deleted Twitter. I removed the app and it feels better than ever.

“Since I entered this new life I’ve had now and in the last few years, and everything has changed, I think Twitter is the most toxic and scary platform I’ve ever had.

“I think maybe in a few days I might delete the entire account. It’s so sad because I love it. But it doesn’t help me at all.”

And she is not only turning her back on the microblogging site, but also her boyfriend Tommy Fury..

“It doesn’t help Tommy, especially at the moment, it’s not just a good platform,” she added.

Be frank, Molly Explained how difficult her life has been since her recent invasion of the house.

The star said: “Now I have experienced the most difficult times in my life.

“I’ve been working on emotions I’ve never experienced before. I’ve been in a major fight against the anxiety I mentioned in the Let’s Talk video recently.

“But it seems to be getting worse every day so far. It’s something I’ve never really dealt with.”


Molly and her boyfriend Moved from their extravagant £ 1.3 million Last month’s 3-bed penthouse after having a previous pad Looted by a thief I got jewelery worth £ 800,000 and designer clothing.

The Love Island pair was in London when their home in Hale, Manchester was invaded. It is currently listed for rent for £ 4,250 per month.

She told the fans Her youtube channel: “That was the worst thing that has ever happened to me-it was just terrible and scary.”

discuss Incident For the first time, Molly May said:

“It’s definitely the worst thing that has happened so far. Perhaps for us, it was terrible, terrifying, terrible. So we’ve dealt with a lot. ..

“Our apartment was robbed, looted and emptied, you name it. What they said in the article was true, they took everything. Too many Was not left.

That was the worst thing that had ever happened to me — it was just terrible and horrifying.

Molly May The Hague

“I’ve dealt with feelings of guilt that I didn’t think I would deal with at such times. I didn’t expect to feel guilty if I was robbed.

“But seeing a lot on social media and seeing many people’s opinions about why we were robbed, I said,” Did God blame me for this? I shared too much. Did I do something wrong? ” “

On the night of the raid, Molly and Tommy had a rare night. Participated in the launch of Molly’s Beauty Works.

While walking hand in hand at a Christmas product party event, they Molly wearing jewelery worth £ 180,000.

However, their valuable belongings were removed from their apartment while they were partying with fellow reality show stars, including Maura Higgins.

Already a millionaire since appearing on Love Island, the star often shows off expensive gifts and purchases on YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Influencers have 6.2 million followers on Instagram and 1.62 million subscribers on YouTube.

Molly entered with her latest YouTube video


Molly entered with her latest YouTube videoCredits: YouTube / Molly-Mae Hague
Molly revealed that Tommy doesn't care about the app either


Molly revealed that Tommy doesn’t care about the app either
Molly May Hague swears a £ 800,000 robbery as “evil” and accuses “karma of those who robbed us”.

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I deleted my Twitter account

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