I caught a cat hiding in the owner’s Christmas tree

The NAUGHTY kitten was able to hide in this brightly lit Christmas tree, but can you find out where it is?

Cats are well known for their preference for destroying traditional festive decorations, but this adorable Scottish fur ball seems to like to be used as a comfortable resting place.


Dexter is hiding somewhere in this Christmas treeCredit: Catering


Owner Haley Forbes managed to snap Dexter hiding in a treeCredit: Catering


Dexter found a comfortable place to hideCredit: Catering

Haley Forbes, 27, recorded when a 3-year-old cat, Dexter, created a newly-reared cat’s nest. Christmas Tree from her house Glasgow, Scotland..

Dexter climbed the Christmas tree and Haley approached with the camera ready.

As she approached, I could see him snuggling deep into the tree before receiving a very attractive wink.

Technician Haley continued to capture the next moments of Dexter in and around the tree from different angles.

Haley said:

“He climbs a tree every night.

“He sat on a tree branch and broke it, smashing many boring things.

“Dexter has a brother of the same age called Arlo. He is an angelic brother and never goes near a tree.

“My friends and family found the video very interesting and cute, and I heard some people say so.”

Earlier this month, cute cats became a hot topic on social media after fans thought they were notable cats. Similar to Shrek’s puss in boots..

The golden British Shorthair Pisco sent a shock wave over the internet as a spit image of a famous movie star cat.

When Pisco raises his paw and asks for food, his giant moon-like eyes are compared to the animated cat that Antonio Banderas uttered.

Pisco owners recognize the amazing similarities and Instagram account For him in 2018, he currently has 614k followers.

He also has 40.7k followers Ticktaku His owner shares Pisco with acting challenges, playing computer games, trying on costumes, and living his best cat life sleeping in a box.


Cats are often well known for destroying Christmas trees, but Dexter prefers to hide in them.Credit: Catering


Haley has two cats. Dexter, left, and Arlo.Credit: Catering
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I caught a cat hiding in the owner’s Christmas tree

SourceI caught a cat hiding in the owner’s Christmas tree

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