Hysterical goggles box fan when Jenny sends Lee a congratulatory message with a mouthpiece

Goggles box Fans continued to laugh as Jenny Newbie shared her video on Instagram and tried to send a congratulatory message with her mouthpiece to her best friend Lee Riley.

Jenny, 65, visited her and BFF Lee, 52’s Instagram page, and shared a congratulatory message video with her friends, but she wore a mouthpiece while relaying the message. As a result, the fans became hysterical.

The hilarious video shows Jenny showing off her teeth with a board game mouthpiece in her mouth.

Gogglebox’s favorite seems to be trying to send a congratulatory message to Lee and his partner Steve.

Jenny in the goggles box leaves the fan in hysteria and congratulates Lee with a mouthpiece.

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She says with a laugh. “Hello Lee and Steve, I wish you a very happy Christmas and a happy New Year.”

She seems to be trying something that isn’t easy to understand, but at the end of the video you can hear “See you again.”

Lee captioned an interesting video. “I think the drink started when Jenny sent me and Steve a Christmas message to us in Cyprus,” followed the laughing emoji.

Fans of TV pairs flocked to posts to comment on how interesting the video was, with many people having no words and just sharing lots of laughing face emojis.

Jenny and Lee are definitely favorites on Channel 4 shows

The funny duo recently responded to the allegation that it left the hit Channel 4 show. Jo Whiley announced on BBC Radio 2 that they had quit.

Gogglebox’s best responded on Twitter after fans tweeted and asked if the announcement was true.

Fans write: “”

In a joint Twitter account, Lee and Jenny replied, “Joe is completely wrong,” followed by a series of laughing face emojis.

Lee is a fan of goggles boxes and has appeared on the show with his best friend Jenny Newbie.
Lee and Jenny recently denied the claim to leave the show

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Joe, who blushed, responded to the chain as follows:

“I thought you had read it completely, I did! Maybe I dreamed of it. I’m really happy to hear it. Like Chris you Please love them, “and the heart emoji follows.

The pair was a solid favorite at the show and it was proven in An interesting scene that surprised fans after revealing that Jenny was eating orange peel.

In a clip of the show on Friday, November 26th, when Lee stripped the tangerine, the pair was seen sitting in the usual place on Lee’s iconic sofa.

Jenny turned to Lee and said: “I have skin.” Lee wasn’t impressed and replied, “You haven’t eaten your skin.”

She added, “Oh, this is really nice,” because Lee didn’t seem to be impressed, but Jenny insisted, “It’s good for you.”

Lee replied, “You’re like a trash can, you’re here.” He handed her more skin.

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Hysterical goggles box fan when Jenny sends Lee a congratulatory message with a mouthpiece

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