“Hysterical” by Sam Fires and Luisa Jissman raising £ 100,000 in 72 hours for the Moldova Orphanage

Sam Fires When Luisa Jissman Over the month, I realized that I was able to raise £ 100,000 in just 72 hours. An orphanage in Moldova.

My friend was very surprised at the result of not being able to stop crying.

In black and white image The only way is Essex My favorite Sam, 30, shared on his Instagram page, covered his face with both hands and leaned against the Apprentice star.

Luisa, 34, also looked painful because their immense achievements couldn’t stop her tears from rolling.

After raising £ 100,000 for children at an orphanage in Moldova, Sam Fires and Luisa Jissman were touching.

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The two women stood at Luton Airport in London, wearing casual hoodies and jeans for powerful moments. Their bags were lined up in the seats.

“OMGGGGGOMGGGGG We raised over £ 100,000 in 72 hours. We are hysterical. This is more than we could have imagined … so far,” Sam capped the post.

“For the past three days, we have shared our journey with you to raise as much as we can to keep these children alive and safe. The money we have collected is an orphanage. The institute will continue to operate at a basic level for almost a year.

“We will continue to strive to ensure the best care with physiotherapists, dentists, more nurses, more caregivers and nannies.”

Sam Fires and Luisa Jissman posted this photo from the airport

“I can’t wait to update you all in a few weeks, what the money you’ve raised is doing for these kids,” continued Reality Star.

“My heart is full of gratitude and love. Words cannot even explain this feeling I have.

Sam went on to say that Luisa and her husband have spent “millions” to support charities “for years” and keep “keeping their children alive,” and she is now in an orphanage. He said he was “very proud” to be a member.

The two moms started their journey a few years ago. She said she would “always” do what she could to help her children, adding “thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Sam and Luisa have been working on a fundraising project together for two years

Sam’s mother, Susie Wells, commented, “A wonderful woman loves you,” and star sister Billy added, “Wow! It’s a wonderful, well-done girl.”

Three days ago, Sam also shared an image of Luisa with her preparing to fly to Moldova at the same airport.

“Here, I’m on my way to visit babies, children and teens in an orphanage in Moldova,” she told her followers. “The last time @luisazissman and I came in the fall of 2019. We were planning to come back in March 2020, but covid stopped it.

“The funds we raised last time were great. We provided the orphanage for a year, but unfortunately the 2021 restrictions prevented us from proceeding with other funding activities.

When Susie, who runs the orphanage, called us and told us they were in desperate need, we immediately planned a trip, “Star added. ..

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"Hysterical" by Sam Fires and Luisa Jissman raising £ 100,000 in 72 hours for the Moldova Orphanage

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