Hybrid regimes increase the return of work experience

The share of employers offering job opportunities has increased for the first time since the Covid-19 outbreak, thanks in large part to the growth of hybrid regimes.

A report released today (July 13) by Student Employers Institute (ISE) notes that 71% of employers have opportunities for young people to take up work experience, up from 60% last year.

Hybrid schemes now make up exactly one third of the work experience opportunities offered by ISE memberswith 4% entirely online.

The programs are very varied in form, ranging from one-day coaching on part-time work to formal internship programs and one-year internships.

“After a few years, we are seeing a return to work experience this summer,” said ISE CEO Stephen Isherwood. “This is good news for students and employers, as the lack of opportunities has made it difficult for young people to develop the skills they need to start working; it has also dampened their confidence ”.

“People who gain work experience are more likely to perform well in the labor market when they leave their studies.”

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The shorter schemes are more likely to be those offered in hybrid form, he added, before warning that attendees should act the same way as if they were attending in person.

“All the usual rules still apply: no matter how distant the students may feel, there is work to be done, they are at work and there are expectations. Be smart, be on time, turn on your camera and look busy. It is important to behave in the same professional way that you would if you were in person. “

ISE is also encouraging remote and hybrid students to talk when they need support.

“Because Gen Z are digital natives, they are confident in the tech side of virtual work,” says their guide. “However, they struggle with the soft skills that are typically developed in person … like asking for more work, accessing development opportunities and being visible to your manager. One way to combat this is to speak openly and be honest with your manager about things that you are struggling with or that could be improved upon.

Hybrid regimes increase the return of work experience

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