Husband put poisonous cobra on her and killed her wealthy wife while sleeping

Soraaj S. Kumar’s wife died while her husband was still recovering from the time he first tried to kill him with a snake (Photo:

The man was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his wife by giving him medicine and biting him into a cobra.

Soraaj S. Kumar, 28, came up with an elaborate plan to murder Uthra, receive family money, and then marry another woman, an Indian column court said. Heared.

But according to local outlets, the plan didn’t work when he first tried to pull it off, and the poor Usla was bedridden for 52 days after recovering from a snake bite. India Today..

When Kumar gave her sleeping pills and chewed her on the cobra, she was still in good health, probably because she intentionally hurt her.

The next morning, on May 7, last year, Usla’s mother found her daughter unconscious and was taken to a hospital where she died sadly.

The cause of his mother’s death was attributed to “Snakebite,” and Kumar seemed to have intended to escape a horrific crime.

However, Usla’s dad suspected that his daughter would be bitten by a snake twice. He became even more skeptical when Kumar appeared unaffected by his wife’s death and began harassing his parents with his dowry.

Usula’s dad said Kumar did not appear to be affected by his wife’s death (Photo:
Kumar purchased a snake from a handler named Thresh, who was also arrested (Photo:

The mourning parent told police that his daughter’s death might have been mischievous, and Kumar was arrested on May 23.

Police investigated and learned of both Kumar’s plots, created a 1,000-page invoice, and Kumar was found guilty on Monday.

Kumar bought a snake for 10,000 rupees (£ 97) from a snake handler named only Slesh.

The court believes that Kumar actually made the snakebite Usura. Experts have stated that only forced bites can leave a 2.8 cm wound, as opposed to the usual 1.7 cm wound left by a naturally occurring bite.

Suresh was arrested on the same day as the murderer, but it is unclear what he is being asked about.

Prosecutors argued that Kumar should be sentenced to death for his part in “rare cases.”

The judge agreed that the case was extremely rare, but instead Kumar was sentenced to two life imprisonments and ordered to pay a fine of Rs 500,000 (£ 4,869) on Wednesday.

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Husband put poisonous cobra on her and killed her wealthy wife while sleeping

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