Husband and wife claim victory in first round of mixed doubles at Wimbledon

With my husband and wife Divij Sharan Samantha Murray Sharan showed that they didn’t just have chemistry out of court as they claimed to win the first round in mixed doubles. Wimbledon After that, it was revealed that seven years had passed.

The pair tied a knot in the summer of 2019 and fast forwarded for two years. They not only played together in, but also achieved the couple’s goals. All England Club However, he defeated Ariel Bihal and Galina Boscoboeva 6-3 5-7 6-4.

While following in the footsteps of Leslie and Kitty Godfrey, the only couples to win a mixed doubles at Wimbledon, the agenda from 95 years ago is not that high, but the opportunity to play on Court 4 of SW19 is an unforgettable opportunity. was. For the duo.

Divij Sharan and Samantha Murray Sharan win in mixed doubles at Wimbledon

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“Sharing that moment with Sam was clearly really really special to me.” Indian people He admitted that the specialist Sharan would double.

“This is also my first win in the Grand Slam in the mix, Sam’s first win, and I think it makes it even more special.”

John Peers Zhang Shuai’s withdrawal meant that a long-term pair could enter Wimbledon as an alternative, ensuring that the seven-year long dream was fulfilled.

The chance encounter at the 2012 tournament, familiar to both doubles partners, prompted the two pros to defeat it before it became official the following year.

Briton Murray Sharan added: It’s been a while since I’ve been able to play together. “

Born in Delhi, Sharan admitted that the crossing of the road with British players was “intended” and it seemed true that he was able to play together in these championships.

And after being given an unexpected chance at Wimbledon, he grabbed it with both hands, even if the ball girl slipped and was seriously injured with a 25-minute delay.

By the time she got on the stretcher, the couple were already in good shape and their opponents Behar and Boscoboeva had leveled, but the end of the fairytale match could not be denied.

“I think I was lucky this year. The cutoffs weren’t that strong and quite a few teams withdrew,” said Sharan, 35.

“And Wimbledon is an exception if the mixed doubles draw is big. It’s a 48 mixed draw, but most other slams are 32 and I think the French Open did it as 16 this year.

“To be able to play more mixed doubles in the slam, we need to pass the rankings, so make the most of these two days to see when you have the opportunity to play again.”

After getting married, by playing at the All England Club, Sharan and Murray Sharan followed the path of Keith and Winnie Wooldridge, Andre and Debbie Jarrett.

Meanwhile, openly gay couples Greet Minnen and Allison van Witvank made it to the Women’s Doubles at Wimbledon in 2019.

Murray Sharan, who lost in the first round of this week’s singles and women’s doubles, is impressive from behind the court, and it takes so long for the married duo to know their role with their net-dominant husband Sharan. did not.

“We practice together from time to time, but especially last year we practiced a lot,” Murray Sharan said of the blockade.

The coronavirus pandemic meant they were “a kind of sticking”, according to Sharan, who laughed at his wife at a post-match press conference.

He added: “For other tennis players, we couldn’t play with others, so we had the opportunity to help each other in the blockade.

“We were training together and volleying in the backyard. It was nice to be able to survive that period. We knew each other for a long time, and it was ours. It made a difference in the match. Understanding was there. “

Sharing that moment with Sam was clearly really really special to me. I think it’s my first Grand Slam victory in the mix. It’s Sam’s first victory, and it’s even more special.

Divij Sharan

The victory on Friday means that the husband and wife team will resume activity on Saturday to win the tenth seeds, Dariya Yurak and Raven Klaasen.

After their Court 4 victory, a warm hug is shared and another chapter could be written in their story if more victories are achieved next week.

But don’t expect a lot of chat during the match. Murray Sharan said: “Neither of us is particularly extroverted, so we still don’t know how we were able to talk to each other in 2012.

Husband and wife claim victory in first round of mixed doubles at Wimbledon

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