Hurricane race hit Mexico for the second time, killing at least eight people | World News

At least eight people, including children, died after a hurricane race hit Mexico for the first time in two days.

Governor Mexican Quitrawak Garcia, Veracruz, also said the three remained missing.

A major category 3 storm struck the country’s bay, moved inland on Saturday, flooded rivers, landslides, and flooded small towns.

A car parked in the wreckage of a restaurant destroyed after a hurricane race

It passed through the Yucatan Peninsula on Thursday and swirled around Mexico’s major tourist destinations, losing power, but rapidly gained power from the Gulf of Mexico and arrived again on the country’s coast late Friday.

Garcia said the storm had killed 330,000 people, but they are gradually recovering.

Veracruz officials have confirmed that evacuation is needed in several places due to floods and landslides.

Grace previously hit Haiti-two days after a powerful quake killed hundreds and injured thousands Caribbean country..

On August 21, 2021, in Costa Esmeralda near Tecolutla, Mexico, the road next to a convenience store was flooded after a hurricane race crashed into the shore due to heavy rain.Reuters / Yahil Sevaros
The road next to the convenience store is flooded

On the other hand, in Tennessee WeIt was reported that heavy rains caused water rescues, road closures, and disrupted communications, leaving several people missing.

Flash flood warnings were issued in parts of Dickson, Houston, Montgomery, and Stewart counties on Saturday night, with more than 11.6 inches (29 cm) of rain in parts of Hickman County, according to a Tennessee newspaper. rice field.

“Note that heavy rains cause floods in parts of central Tennessee, Tennessee citizens,” said Bill Lee, Governor of Tennessee.

“We are actively working with emergency responders and first responders to help Tennessees in flooded areas.”

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) has activated an emergency operations center and said authorities are responding to floods.

In breaking news, TEMA called the situation “dangerous and evolving” and urged people to avoid traveling to affected counties.

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Serious floods hit central China

last month, Europe, include Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Was hit by floods and heavy rains.

In China Catastrophic floods have killed more than 300 people It struck the central part of the country, including 14 people who died in the subway.

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Hurricane race hit Mexico for the second time, killing at least eight people | World News

Source link Hurricane race hit Mexico for the second time, killing at least eight people | World News

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