Hundreds of thousands evacuated in China after the worst floods in decades

China regularly experiences rainstorms during the summer months (Photo: AP / Getty)

Hundreds of thousands of people in China have been evacuated from their homes following devastating floods and landslides.

With unrelated rainstorms continuing to hit southern and eastern regions, roads have collapsed and floodwaters have removed properties, cars and crops.

State media said about 85 rivers nationwide ‘experienced flooding above the warning level’, with more heavy rain expected.

Videos show cars caught in high water and rescue teams in boats helping residents out of their homes.

Guangdong’s manufacturing hub, in southeastern China, has halted lessons, office work and public transportation amid rising waters and the threat of landslides.

According to state media, heavy rainfall damaged 27.13 hectares of crops and collapsed 1,729 houses.

Beach residents in Jian’ou city in southeastern China’s Fujian province evacuated (Photo: AP)
Workers gather along a section of flooded track in Shangrao in central China’s Jiangxi province (Photo: AP)
People sweep floodwaters from a highway in Beijing (Photo: AP)
A Level I emergency response for Nanping City was activated on Saturday in preparation for severe flooding (Image: Xinhua / REX / Shutterstock)

“The water came very quickly, and I believe many have not prepared food in their homes,” said a user on China Weibo’s Twitter-like microblog.

In the neighboring province of Jiangxi, half a million people have seen major damage to their homes.

Roughly the same number has been found in Guangdong, for the most part in the cities of Shaoguan, Heyuan and Meizhou.

Authorities on Sunday issued the first red warning of 2022 – the worst warning – for possible mountain towers.

While the country regularly experiences rain showers during the summer months, this year flood levels are the highest in decades.

More than 2,000 people died and nearly three million homes were destroyed, mostly along the Yangtze River, China’s most powerful river, in 1998 when some of the worst floods hit Chin.

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Hundreds of thousands evacuated in China after the worst floods in decades

Source link Hundreds of thousands evacuated in China after the worst floods in decades

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