Humans will always regret sticking a finger through the lion in the zoo

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A lion tore the finger of a zoo staff member who taunted him by sticking his hand through the bars of his cage.

Video of a zoo in Jamaica shows the man trying to touch the lion, as if playing with a cat.

He gets away with it for a while, but then the lion strikes and the man clasps his fingers with his jaws.

The man can be seen desperately trying to pull his hand away while the lion holds him.

But he failed to free his finger from the lion’s teeth, and completely lost his right ring finger, it was claimed.

Witnesses told the Jamaica Observer that they saw this happen yesterday afternoon during a tour at Jamaica Zoo near Lacovia.

‘When it happened, I thought it was a joke,’ said one woman. ‘I did not realize the seriousness, because it is their job to put on a show.

‘Of course, when he fell to the ground, everyone realized it was serious. Everyone started to panic.

‘The whole skin and almost the first joint of his finger was gone.

“I ran away from the whole thing because I saw blood and it was too graphic for me.”

He mocked the lion by sticking his fingers through his cage and then it went in front of him

She said the man walked to a car and then left without apparently noticing the pain, causing bystanders to be stunned.

Managing director at the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Pamela Lawson said her organization was looking into what happened.

‘Is this what he shows visitors to the zoo as acceptable?’ she asked Us Today. “What do you do now when a child imitates this fool and is badly injured or dies?”

Meanwhile, Hope Zoo Kingston, another zoo in Jamaica, posted on Twitter: ‘The horrific viral video of a lion being mocked by its shepherd did NOT appear on #HopeZoo.

‘We are absolutely not in favor of abusing animals for the entertainment of guests.

‘All our animals in the zoo are for us as a dear family and we always strive to keep them as relaxed and happy as possible. We would NEVER blame our animals for entertaining people.

‘Please do not associate us with the disgusting and cruel actions of today’s viral video.’

Jamaica Zoo said: ‘The management and staff here at Jamaica Zoo want to reassure the public that we are proud of the love, care and professional treatment our animals receive. As well as respecting the professional conduct of all team members.

‘The actions shown in a video by a Jamaica Zoo contractor are tragic and do not represent the safety procedures and policies that must be followed at all times at Jamaica Zoo.

‘We are currently watching the video, with a view to anticipating the future

‘It’s a sad event that should never have happened, and we, the family of Jamaica Zoo, are doing everything we can to help the Lord move forward.

‘We hope you continue to support Jamaica Zoo. We have always been and remain a safe place for you and your family to visit. ‘

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Humans will always regret sticking a finger through the lion in the zoo

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