Hugo Lloris argues that Tottenham must continue to work after losing the derby

Tottenham Captain Hugo Lloris After stuttering at the fourth London Derby defeat of the season, his side says “I can’t give up.” West ham

Spurs who had already lost Crystal Palace With Chelsea Arsenal After a disappointing performance in the second half, he fell into a goal in the second half of Michael Antonio at London Stadium and was unable to aim for the goal.

They may have won the Premier League and moved up to 4th place, but their inconsistency seems to hurt the actual attempt to finish that height.

France’s international Lorris has prescribed hard work after a “painful” loss.

“That was the goal (fourth). Obviously, we need to keep working and fighting,” he said.

“There is no big difference between teams in European locations. Consistency is the key. When you face a direct enemy, you have to score points or at least not lose, as I say. No. It’s a pain and we need to move on.

“We can’t give up. There are a lot of games in front of us and we are trying to improve individually and collectively.

“As with every season, we know that there are many expectations on our shoulders and that players are responsible for doing their best. Looking at all the players, they do their best. And I think you are.

Michail Antonio wins West Ham (Tim Good / PA) winner

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“But sometimes things go wrong, but it’s not the moment to give up. We need to continue with good energy and a positive attitude.”

When Antonio came out like a statue, it was the story of two strikers for a decisive goal. Harry Kane Convert with near post.

West Ham is known for his set-piece prowess, and Loris was disappointed with such a concession.

“We knew it was an aspect of the game that could change the game. We knew it was good at corners and free kicks,” he said.

We can’t give up-there are lots of games in front of us and we’re trying to improve individually and collectively

Hugo Lloris

“We know where their goals were, but Antonio was in the right place and produced a good finish.

“But that’s the way we acknowledged the corners we need to think about. But unfortunately it’s part of the game.

“We can talk a lot about the game, but if we get the chance we got in the first half, we’ll talk another way.”

It’s no wonder he won the game because Antonio enjoys the Spurs more than any other Premier League team, scoring 6 goals.

But he didn’t expect to get the net from Aaron Cresswell’s delivery.

“For fairness, I wasn’t really there to score today,” he said on the club’s official website. “I was there just to block Harry [Kane], But the ball came my way and I stuck out because obviously I’m a poacher!

“I was a little surprised because I had just stepped in front of him and it fell into the lower corner. I was just busy.

“This stadium or their stadium likes to score against them for fairness. That’s just one of the things I want to score when I go out there.

“I now have a number 9 shirt. That’s the job I have to do.”

Hugo Lloris argues that Tottenham must continue to work after losing the derby

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