How UK Businesses Are Planning To Bounce Back Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 virus might still be an issue in the UK and the rest of the world, but its grip on everyday life is slowly weakening. With restrictions starting to disappear and many businesses reopening for the first time in months, people are finally optimistic about returning to normality.

Unfortunately, the path forward is not a clear one, particularly for those businesses that have suffered greatly over the past year. If they want to remain operational, they need to bounce back from the devastation that the pandemic has caused. Luckily, it seems many of them already have a few ideas for how they can do that.

Going Sustainable

Sustainability already mattered to people before the COVID-19 virus, what with the increasing threat of climate change. However, it seems that the number of businesses planning to adopt eco-friendly features is set to increase quite significantly moving forward. That’s because many of them believe that sustainability is a great way to reduce costs, and therefore improve finances after the pandemic.

A survey of 1,000 UK businesses found that around three-quarters intend to introduce green initiatives over the coming year. They believe that the greater energy efficiency, positive media coverage, and stronger consumer engagement that comes from sustainability will be great for business. So much so that they’re confident they’ll be back to pre-pandemic levels of profitability by 2022.

Increasing Advertising

An increase of around 15% for advertising spend in the UK is predicted for 2021, and it’s not a huge surprise. With the lockdown roadmap giving businesses confidence that the end is in sight, they have a reason to pump more money into getting their name out there.

It’s likely that they’ll focus their attention on as many different advertising avenues as possible. Much of the focus will be on digital methods, but that doesn’t mean they will overlook traditional means. After all, these still serve a purpose, especially when it comes to things like signage.

Just having your business advertised on signage on vans, wall/floor graphics, projecting signs, and the many other custom products available through Discount Displays can drum up a lot of support. Local businesses, in particular, will significantly benefit from showcasing themselves this way as they seek to make their mark on nearby customers.

Relying On Technology

The world is so much more advanced than it was a decade ago, and businesses that don’t utilise that are putting themselves at a disadvantage. According to a survey of 1,000 senior business decision-makers, though, it seems that most understand just how beneficial technology can be to recovering from the pandemic.

There’s an overwhelming belief that this will play a vital role in economic recovery, with many businesses looking to adopt cloud technology and adopt a “digital-first” attitude. While these are things that were already prevalent in some areas before COVID-19, the pandemic has shown many others how essential they truly are. If businesses want to bounce back relatively quickly, the right technology can help them do that.

Economic recovery won’t happen overnight. However, if businesses use these methods to help them become profitable once again, there will be a positive change sooner rather than later.

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