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How to Wear a Toggle Bracelet

Toggle bracelets may remind you of the heart charm bracelet with the t-shape and loop closure you gave your high school girlfriend; but, what if I told you there was an elevated, strong, and masculine belcher bracelet perfect to dress up a casual vacation look or elevate your work ensemble? We can’t let the ladies have all the fun. This summer let’s try bold new ways of accessorizing;  because it’s the roaring 2020s, we are finally allowed back out in the wild, and we are ready to elevate our accessories.

From Beachside to Table Service

These 18k gold or silver belcher bracelets are perfect to elevate a pair of swim trunks from casual guy at the beach or pool to beachside Casanova. These bracelets are water and heat resistant so you can be in the pool, hot tub, or ocean without any worry of wear or tarnishing. These bracelets are built to last. They make the perfect resort wear for your island vacation since they easily go from day to night.

Try with a pair of sleek shorter swim shorts, a beachy linen button down worn open, aviator shades, and pair with a few rings. The great thing about a classic and simple jewelry piece like this one is it can easily become an everyday part of a vacation look. Since the closure is easy to put on yourself it’s a quick way to make any casual outfit a little more complete and complex.

When nightime hits change into some well fitting trousers and a cool printed button down. Leave the top unbuttoned for a carefree look. Pair with a chain necklace that peeps out in gold or silver to match the belcher bracelet. Slightly roll up the sleeves and let the bracelet draw attention to the cuffs. A classic jewelry piece can go from day to night on vacation without much thought – which is perfect for when you’ve had a few margaritas poolside.

Suit up

Have a thousand wedding’s to attend this summer now that there aren’t any restrictions? Want to come back with a bang? Try pairing a belcher bracelet with a suit. The way the metal loops add texture just below the sleeve draws the eye down and elongates your arms. Pair with simple gold cufflinks for a refined and sophisticated black tie look.

Heading to a more casual affair? Try a linen suit with a belcher bracelet and skip the tie. Instead wear a button down slightly open at the top and pair with a belcher necklace and some heavy rings. Look cool, chic, and casual while your jewelry adds a touch of flair.

Maybe the event you’re going to is in a colder climate or you want to dress up for the holidays. Try pairing the belcher bracelet with a turtleneck in a rich color, a brown smokers jacket, and corduroys. Although the look is a little more casual the bracelet elevates the look and helps you look effortlessly stylish.

Big interview coming up? A belcher bracelet can add a bit of flair to your suit that could be a conversation starter. Everyone is going to show up in a nice suit. Stand out by accessorizing and showing just a bit more personality.

Workday To Workout

Like to get in a good sweat session after work? Pair your toggle bracelet with your work outfit and dress up your everyday office look. If you work from a more casual workspace pair with a pair of dark wash denim and slim fit simple black t-shirt. Then when you finish for the day and hit the gym change into your shorts and keep the bracelet on. Since it’s made of high quality metal it is sweat resistant and won’t tarnish.

If the bracelet moving around annoys you during your work out the toggle closure makes it easy to take on and off. So it’s ideal for everyday wear. You won’t need to wait for someone to help you get it off or on.

Date night

Dress to impress by adding belcher bracelets to your date night ensemble. They pair fabulously with a leather jacket, jeans, and a slim fitting white t-shirt. Go for the James Dean look by adding a couple simple chains. Go all the way and try layering a couple of bracelets. It looks particularly interesting to mix a gold and silver chain. Try with a few heavy rings to really show off your sense of style. Jewelry is meant to be fun. Show the girl you’re seeing you like to have a good time and know how to express yourself.

The simple addition of jewelry can add a lot to any look for any occasion. Go ahead and give a belcher bracelet a try. With its elegant, sleek, and versatile design it’s the perfect everyday jewelry piece for a stylish man on the go.


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