How To Use a Gas Mask Bong

Bongs come in many shapes and forms, but few bongs match the creativity and unique visual style of a gas mask bong. You’ve undoubtedly seen one of these gas mask bongs in a movie or at your local head shop before, but the average person has probably not smoked out of one.

A gas mask bong is relatively self explanatory: it’s a gas mask with a bong attached to the end of it. Many people consider the gas mask to be a novelty item that capitalizes on a fun aesthetic. However, the lowdown on what makes a gas mask bong worthwhile is that it can effectively simulate a hot box.

Gas Mask Bongs Are A Portable Hot Box.

With an airtight around your head and reasonable water filtration capabilities, a gas mask bong allows you to simulate the experience of hot boxing without having to find an enclosed space. A gas mask bong confines the smoke within the mask, allowing users to get more out of their hits, ultimately getting you more high.

This unique feature is the primary difference between a gas mask bong and a standard bong. No other bongs really simulate that hot boxing experience like a gas mask bong does.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Using A Bong Mask

Learn how to efficiently use a gas mask bong by following these easy to follow steps below.

Step 1: Grind the Cannabis Finely Using a Grinder

No special accommodations need to be made here – a gas masks bong smokes exactly like a regular water bong, so whatever style of grinder you like using is perfect.

Step 2: Attach the Bong.

In this step, you’re going to want to fill the gas mask up with a little bit of water. A gas mask bong doesn’t need too much water since the hits won’t necessarily need to be that huge. You’re using the water to act as more of a filter than anything.

Then attach the bong to the gas mask. The seal should be very tight, ensuring that no smoke will escape.

How To Use a Gas Mask Bong

Step 3: Place the Weed into the bowl.

Note that the bowl is not removable and will remain fixed inside the bong. Sprinkle a punch oif cannabis into the bowl. Since you will be hot boxing

this, it’s best to go easy on your first smoking session, as a little bit of weed will go a long way. Remember, you can always smoke more, but you can never smoke less.

Step 4: Put on the mask.

 Now it’s time to put on your mask. Keep your bong upright to ensure cannabis and water doesn’t spill, and carefully put the mask on. The masks come with adjustable straps, so no matter what size your head is, you can easily find a comfortable fit. Pull the straps until the seal on your face is airtight, but not too constricting.

Step 5: Light up

 From here on out, smoking a gas mask bong is the exact same as smoking from a regular bong. Light up your weed, inhale and exhale. Be sure to get the most out of your smoke by inhaling a few times, recycling your smoke. This is what creates the hot box effect.

When you are ready to dispense your smoke, grab the bottom of the mask and pull lightly to create a small pocket of airflow, letting your smoke escape. Without this, the smoke will remain within the confines of your mask, allowing you to endlessly breathe in cannabis.

Additional Gas Mask Tips

 It’s common sense to clean your bong after repeated usage, as cannabis residue accrues on the glass. However, it is also important to clean the gas mask part of your bong mask. This will ensure that your mask won’t smell gross and that no gross germs will spread over time. A gas mask bong can be easily cleaned in a sink like you would clean any other dish – with soap and a sponge.

  • Some bong masks have a small hole on the back of the bong. This will act as a carb. Hold your finger to this section while inhaling and then release when you
  • While the seal is very tight, it’s important to again remember to screw the bong on tightly, both to ensure that your smoke doesn’t leak out of the bottom of the mask when you take a hit and to prevent the bong from falling off the mask. It’d be a shame to have the glass shatter on your floor.
  • Given the “recycler” nature of a hot boxing mask, the mask is going to fill up very quickly and you will be inhaling more smoke than oxygen. To ensure your safety, please be sure to take frequent breaks and keep your sessions short. If you become dizzy, remove the mask immediately. Your body will appreciate the breaks.

Are Gas Mask Bongs Worthwhile?

 In short, yes. Some people may claim that they are gimmicky, but gas mask bongs are fun novelty bongs that allow you to hot box, whether you’re outside or in a huge house. They are a unique conversation starter to bust out at parties and will make for a memorable night with some great friends. It’s doubtful that many people will opt to have the gas mask bong be the only bong in their repertoire, but as an addition to a solid bong collection, you’ll grow to love the unique experience of smoking from a bong mask.

Where Can You Buy a Gas Mask Bong?

 World of Bongs is host to a solid gas mask bong that can be bought on their website here. This online smoke shop is a massive bong and cannabis accessory library created by stoners, for stoners. They have curated a massive selection of outstanding pieces to help you get the most out of your precious cannabis. They also have a hemp smoke shop located in Switzerland.

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