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How To Promote Your Business With Personalised Stickers

Stickers have been around much longer than other marketing tools and still promote your business more effectively than most. Unlike with other advertising mediums, you only need a small investment to make these mini billboards and raise awareness about your company and products and/or services. With Camaloon’s personalised stickers, it’s easy to level up your marketing game and promote your brand to thousands of people in a visually appealing and fun way. Here are some tips on how to boost your business with personalised stickers and create some buzz.

How To Promote Your Business With Personalised Stickers

What to put on your personalised stickers

Start with creating eye-catching and informative stickers. Although round and square stickers are most common, stickers can be cut in virtually any shape and size, and creative custom designs usually attract more attention.

Build the contents of your stickers around your logo. Any company should have a logo, and if you don’t, now is the time to get one. Add information about your business such as contact details (phone, address and email), your web address, social media channels, etc. Make an effort to build a cohesive unit and choose colours and fonts that reflect your brand.

Consider adding a humorous element to your personalised stickers. People love quirky messages and witty puns. Don’t be afraid to showcase a fun personality.

Some companies distribute stickers with a QR code that sends people to their social media or website or unlocks a discount or a promotional code. Large stickers, the so-called decals, should include a call-to-action, a statement telling your target audience what they should do next.

Hire a freelance graphic designer to create stickers for you if you aren’t feeling particularly creative or if design isn’t your strongest point. Even if you hire an expert to make them, your stickers will still provide a good return on investment.

How to use personalised stickers as advertising tools

Decorate storefront windows and doors

Draw attention to your store or a walk-in office by sticking custom window decals on storefront windows and doors. Make people walking by curious about your business. Add your company logo to your street-facing windows, promote in-store sales, display working hours, advertise free WiFi or whatever else you think might help lure people in.

If you are concerned about window decals blocking your view, you can go with micro-perforated or transparent ones. There are also static window clings, which are a non-adhesive alternative. They are repositionable and ideal for short-term promotions.

How To Promote Your Business With Personalised Stickers

Stick personalised stickers around your store or office

Use cool and fun personalised stickers as additional branding elements in your workspace. Engage your customers or make them smile, and leave a stack of stickers somewhere for customers to take for free. Place some high-quality, non-slip stickers on the floor, pointing towards discounts, new products, etc.

Wall decals are a fantastic way to personalise your workspace! They are incredibly affordable decorative elements, add warmth to any space and make employees and consumers feel welcome in your store or office. Investing in a visually appealing workplace also demonstrates that you are passionate about all aspects of your business.

Give personalised stickers to employees

Don’t forget your employees might appreciate some nice stickers as well. Offer some branded stickers to them, but be careful not to make them feel like they are being used for promotion. You can make some stickers that say “Best employee” or something along those lines. If your stickers are cool enough, your employees will want to apply them to their belongings or share them with their friends and family.

Distribute free stickers to pedestrians

Stickers are generally cost-effective and you get discounts when ordering in bulk, so hand them out generously to anyone and everyone while walking around your town or city. You never know who might be your next customer or where your stickers will end up.

This is a terrific way to, for example, advertise opening a new location. The best thing about stickers is that they’re such low-key advertisements that people think of them as a gift.

Give personalised stickers to regular customers

Surprise your loyal customers by giving them stickers and show them that you value their business. Come up with messages that say “thanks for supporting us” and leave it to your customers to apply the stickers wherever they want or pass them on to somebody else. This is a great way to get quality exposure and attract more customers. Your regular customers are your best brand ambassadors.

Add personalised stickers to products

If you are a retailer that sells a variety of things, put some stickers on the items to remind the customers who they got them from when using them. Be careful not to put your stickers over any important information (such as warnings, ingredients, etc.)

Slap stickers to personal items

Stick some personalised stickers on things you carry around such as a water bottle, notebook, laptop or any other piece of property. If you use any equipment to provide your services, put stickers on it. Promote your business on the go and spark curiosity in people that you meet on a daily basis.

How To Promote Your Business With Personalised Stickers

Stick personalised stickers on company vehicles

Cars are an extremely visible, rent-free advertising space. Bumper stickers are a classic, but you can also order large vinyl stickers (decals) and put them on the sides, bonnet and boot. For windows, use micro-perforated car window decals that will not obstruct your view. Stickers on your car promote your business not only while you’re driving, but also when your car is parked somewhere where people can see it. Offer some bumper stickers to your customers as well!

Hand out personalised stickers at business events

Business events such as trade shows and exhibitions are great opportunities to showcase your goods and services as well as distribute promotional materials such as personalised stickers. Add something interesting or funny related to the industry and, of course, your logo and essential business information. Stickers can also be included in a goodie bag with other promotional materials.

Create branded parcels with personalised stickers

If you happen to send parcels with your products, consider decorating them with personalised stickers. The packaging you use leaves an impression on your customers and is a key component of their unboxing experience. Unboxing experiences are often shared on social media, so make sure you give attractive packaging that will help you promote your brand. Throw in some extra stickers in the parcel as well so your customers can stick them somewhere.

Parcels also pass from hand to hand on their way to your customer, exposing your brand to a wide audience. Don’t hesitate to add stickers to any envelope or box that leaves your office or shop. Before you know it, your brand will be recognised on a large scale, and people will start to talk about you.

How To Promote Your Business With Personalised Stickers

Offer personalised stickers at local events

Many businesses fail to advertise in their backyard and miss a valuable opportunity to gain more exposure. Get involved with the local community and hand out personalised stickers at local events that cater to your target audience. Build trust for your company by interacting with members of the community both in-person and through promotional stickers.

To sum up

Stickers are the most under-appreciated marketing tools available. In an increasingly digital age, dare to take your marketing offline with personalised stickers, and you will be surprised with the results. Using stickers as part of your marketing mix will help you raise brand awareness, generate better leads and boost sales. And you can do all of this without spending a lot of money! Stickers are extremely cost-effective, even for small businesses.

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