How to Organize the Perfect Trip to Dubai

If you are a fan of hot weather, luxury apartments, expensive cars, and the mysterious Arab culture, you should pack your things and buy a ticket to Dubai. This exceptional city combines ancient traditions with modern technology and trends.

Being rewarded with multiple world records, the city’s popularity among tourists is rapidly growing every year. However, to make the most out of your stay there, make sure to choose the right period to visit the city in order to engage in the activities that you are interested in.

Curious to find out when to fly to Dubai and what to see? Then stay tuned for more information about this splendid oasis in the desert.

Which Time of the Year Is the Best?

Arranging a trip to Dubai is a great idea at any time of year. However, it’s important to understand the particularities of each season here in order to understand when you should plan your trip.

Summer in Dubai

With the temperature going up to 50°C, Dubai in summer may not be the best choice for some people. Incredibly hot air masses are active for 12 hours a day, and only after sunset, the temperature gets more comfortable. Because of this temperature, there are not many outdoor activities, exhibitions, or festivals.

Summer in Dubai can be a great time for those who love shopping. It is in the cool large malls that you can enjoy browsing through the stores of your favorite brands. This period is also when most of the biggest parties with world-renowned DJs take place. Thus, nightlife lovers from all over the world gather in Dubai in the summer.

Winter in Dubai

November-March is considered the best time for visiting this dynamic city. The temperature stays in the comfortable range of 20-30°C, and there are tons of events that take place during this time:

Due to the fact that the winter is the most popular period for visiting Dubai, finding a good house or apartment for rent can be hard and the prices noticeably increase. Thus, make sure to book something beforehand in order to find a good value for your money.

Spring and Fall in Dubai

This time is perfect for tourists who come to Dubai for its sun and beaches. The temperature allows you to sunbathe and swim comfortably.

In April, people from all over the world come to the city for the famous Dubai Food Festival. It gathers famous chefs, connoisseurs of haute cuisine, and everyone willing to bring more taste into their lives.

In September music lovers are very welcome to visit the Dubai Music and Dance Festival.

How to Choose a Place to Stay

When thinking about where to rent a property in Dubai, you should first consider multiple factors. Define your main purpose for visiting the city. Is it a business trip or a vacation? A place to stay would also depend on whether you travel alone, with a spouse, or with a family. Depending on the goal, options might vary. See the best places to live in Dubai and choose the one that would meet your needs:

What to Visit in Dubai

The list of must-visit places in Dubai is endless. Regardless of your interests, you can always find an event or a festival to visit in the city. Let’s sort out the most popular places to go to.

Where to Eat

The city of Dubai is known for the abundance of good restaurants for any taste and any budget:


Whether you want to engage in shopping and nightlife during summer, visit top-level events in winter, or enjoy the beaches during spring and fall, you will definitely have a great experience in this city. So choose the period when you want to visit, make a list of activities you are interested in, rent your perfect apartment beforehand, and get ready for all the wonderful things Dubai has to offer.


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