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How to open an advertising agency and start earning from day one

How to stand out from the crowd, where to look for the perfect team, and what you can save on, we tell you more in this article.

Sell the client not cheap hands, but expertise

There are not just a lot of advertising agencies, there are a lot of them. And most work in the same way. The entry threshold to the market is low, and for many, the agency becomes the first place to work (often the employees combine it with their studies). As a result, advertising agency services are often rolled into a resale of “cheap labor. This is how they see both employees and customers. People because of this approach quickly burn out and leave, and their place was again taken by young and inexperienced.

An important element of your strategy is to understand what you are doing. Surprisingly, when reselling services, many people don’t try to understand what works and how it works.

The basis of the work is SMM, the work with social networks, which you should know very well. But globally, you do all the online advertising and strive to be a partner for clients in marketing in general – in the strategic development of their business and product.

Inspiration and atmosphere mean a lot. Even if you have to pay for it

Opening an agency is not a particularly difficult task. It doesn’t require anything: you announce that you have opened one, set up all the business documents, sort out the tax refund chart, and off you go. But there are always difficulties. Specifically, in your case at the beginning may need to finance a small working capital, until you come to your first money: to ensure that employees receive their salaries, to have an office, so that the post office worked, and so on. The capital can be taken from your own money, that is, from the founders’ money. And after a while, you will already be receiving payments from clients.

You can’t do without mistakes. I believe that mistakes, for the most part, are the result of flaws, because, in theory, you can foresee almost everything. But you can’t do without them. So try to look ahead, and simply conclude the miscalculations that have already been made.

To make yourself known, talk about yourself

In small markets, when there are literally hundreds of potential clients, I find it most effective to tell them about yourself, your work, and professional views and approaches. Then there are the cases.

And, of course, the work done, its results, and the comfort of the process itself – this is what makes customers return and recommend you to others.

Compatibility filters are important in team selection

Many beautiful words can be said about team selection, but in practice, of course, the accumulated social connections work first. The initial team is assembled from acquaintances. Then acquaintances bring their acquaintances. And so on. At all stages, from interviews to day-to-day work, apply compatibility filters. Always check each other out, ask yourself if you’re comfortable together. That’showthebasiccompositioncrystallizes.


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