How to Make Money Online with SEO-Driven Affiliate Marketing

The internet has been changing our lives since it became mainstream. We shop, watch movies, listen to music, play online, and now we do all that on our mobile devices.

SEO and affiliate marketing targeted at mobile users is at its peak. According to Maunu Seppinen, a journalist and a gambling expert, more than half of the population uses their devices for shopping and gambling in European countries. This number is one of the lowest in Finland. Still, about 55% of the population uses their handheld devices for payments.

These statistics prompt websites to improve SEO strategy, publish helpful content, and build meaningful affiliate relationships. As a result, websites like Ilmaiskierrokset casino become respected thought leaders in their industries while earning from affiliate links. Now, let’s see how to do SEO for affiliate marketing and build impactful websites.

Find the Niche

Choosing the right niche is the first step towards success. You can select virtually anything to promote, but we recommend that you go for:

  • Something you’re passionate about: Adding something meaningful to the humongous amount of content is genuinely satisfying. Besides, you’ll establish yourself as an expert in no time.
  • High search volumes: What’s the use of making an affiliate site if nobody cares about the niche? Check out how many people are interested in it by researching keywords.
  • Commercial products: High search volumes don’t yet mean that you’ll be selling a lot. Ensure that you advertise relevant and commercially valuable products with a wow-effect. Subscription boxes, series of toys, or collectables are all excellent examples.

You’ll strike a jackpot if you manage to combine the mentioned three aspects. Still, you can do with the product being less commercial and more niche-based. Just think about your audience and make smart decisions.

Let’s take our favourite Finnish topic. Everybody knows that Finland’s education system  is one of the best in the world. While arguably, it might not be too sales-oriented, you can still share a lot of valuable information. Besides, according to Google Trends data, it has enough search interest to drive people towards your blog. Creating a blog related to it would satisfy many of the points for a successful niche.

Join an SEO Affiliate Program

Finding the right SEO affiliate program is the basis of all relationships in this industry. In the beginning, go broad. Search the most famous online outlets (Amazon, eBay, and the like) for products and apply for the affiliate programs. Once you’re settled, dive into niche-specific partnerships.

The crucial thing is not to put all your eggs into one basket. Instead, differentiate your sources to stay afloat if something goes wrong with one of the partners. Let’s say, we’re conducting affiliate research for our gambling site. The first thing to do is do a simple Google search. Add topic, conversion rate, and payout-related keywords to narrow the choice and this search will  return various partner programs relevant to the Finnish online casino market.

Make the Website

Well, ideally, you should be doing all these things at the same time. But, we know, it’s easier said than done. Making a good website that supports affiliate marketing efforts has many moving parts.

Domain Name

Finding the niche is one thing, but naming the business is even more challenging. It’s important  to craft the vision and mission statement to understand the name’s tone and elements in a better way. Still, picking the perfect domain name isn’t as hard as it used to be. QR codes came to rescue businesses that had hard-to-remember URLs.

Yes, you’ll be in an advantageous position with a punchy, memorable name. But it doesn’t matter that much anymore, as long as you refrain from confusing ones and allow everyone to find it in one click.


Safe and fast hosting is crucial in affiliate marketing. If your website doesn’t load instantly, the visitors might abandon it. Keep in mind your bandwidth and scalability, plus ensure that you stay on budget. Research the market for the best solution for your needs.


Your keyword research starts from analysing the competitors. Find websites in your niche, adding the country name to make the search clearer. For example, if you’re writing about online gambling in Finland, start with a simple search and browse the top few sites to find more appropriate search terms.

The strategy should also involve finding the so-called long-tail keywords. These bad boys use more words and are more descriptive. A person that doesn’t know what they’re searching for yet is more likely to use these. Thus, using them right can be the long-term foundation of your website’s SEO.

Your affiliation SEO research tools may range from free to powerful paid ones, but the key to targeting the most useful ones is to look at the niche from the customer’s point of view.

Technical SEO

If you want to be friends with search engines, tirelessly optimise the website and keep an eye on algorithm changes. Use an SEO tool that checks your site for duplicate content, mobile optimisation, link quality, and a lot more. We also recommend that you link the affiliate URLs as “nofollow.”


Search engines are “wiser” now. With the help of artificial intelligence, they ensure that you write for real people and answer the user’s intent. Treat your website visitors with exquisite pieces of content, and you’ll keep them browsing, which will potentially increase conversions.

It’s also essential to build relationships with websites in similar or adjacent niches and help each other out with meaningful backlinking and guest posts. Outreach campaigns are another way to boost conversions.


Whatever your strategy, adding value is the way to consistently grow and earn more with the help of affiliate marketing.

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