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How to make money on an old catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is a part of the car, on which you can make good money even after its failure. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many buyers willing to buy an obsolete exhaust converter. One of the most famous in the world is Auto catalyst Market. You can find out the average price of each car brand’s catalytic converter at https://autocatalystmarket.com/us/en.

This company offers the best prices on the market. And representatives of the buyer work in every region of the country. Therefore, it is possible to sell the catalytic converter in the shortest possible time.

So, let’s look at why non-working parts are so highly valued, as well as how you can make money on this.

Why a catalytic converter is necessary

The catalytic converter is an important part of the exhaust system. It is responsible for cleaning the exhaust, which contains toxic and environmentally dangerous substances:

  • carbon monoxide;
  • nitrogen oxide;
  • hydrocarbon.

As a result of chemical reactions, these microelements are converted into water vapor, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. These substances are safe and non-toxic.

What is a catalytic converter composed of

It has a special design. The part is made in the form of a cylinder with many channels, similar to a bee honeycomb. The inner surface is coated with special platinum group metals.

The high cost of catalytic converters is due to these characteristics. These precious metals are valuable even in non-working catalytic converters. It is with the purpose of extracting these elements that non-working exhaust converters are bought up.

The greater the residual number of rare earth metals in the catalyst, the more the buyer will pay for it. The elements that are more in the construction also play an important role. Each of the metals has its own price.

Is it possible to extract precious metals from a catalytic converter on your own

Theoretically, it is possible to extract precious metals from a catalytic converter at home. But this requires certain skills in chemistry, as well as the purchase of the necessary reagents.

But it is not recommended to perform such manipulations. It can be harmful to human health. In addition, it is most likely that you will not be able to make a profit in this way.

You have to spend a lot of money on the equipment and reagents to extract the precious metals. But the amount of valuable materials will be very small. Even in new catalysts the amount of precious metals is often less than 1% of the total weight of the parts.

Therefore, the most profitable solution is the sale of non-working exhaust converters through representatives of the world’s largest dealer – AutocatalystMarket.

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