How to learn to bet: good strategies and tips for beginners?

Earning in betting is a difficult and long job. To get a stable and confident profit, a bettor needs to learn a lot of betting strategies, to understand the ways to analyze and minimize losses in each match. The money and time invested are unlikely to pay off at once – even to break even in the long run you need to improve your personal tactics over a long period of time. But in spite of the obstacles on your way, there is a circle of people who can be called professionals and they live off betting, making money on it every day. For them, betting on events is their main income, so they devote most of their time to this profession. Today we will introduce you to winning betting methods from the best bookmakers, help you find out which non gamstop bookmakers are the best to choose and give you indispensable tips for playing and winning correctly.

Choose a reliable bookmaker

How reliable and safe the bookmaker you choose will determine the size of the potential earnings, as well as the comfort of the transactions themselves. When studying all the options, it is worth paying attention to the coverage, the line, the bonus policy for all types of customers (VIP, beginners, experienced and others), as well as the margin.

The coverage is the number of bets per match (for each). The line is the variety of open bets. This includes different variations of tournaments, sports and even championships. Margin is the commission that BKs include in their odds. Bonuses are types of rewards for actions on the website that help newbies minimize losses from losing bets and make money without investing their money.

Understand the rules and wording

The rules at each betting company may differ from those at other betting companies. For example in soccer, all companies calculate bets according to the results of regulation time, but take yellow and red cards into consideration differently. Therefore, before you start betting, study how the organization calculates bets and in general, what are the sources of the taken information about the statistics in the match.

The rules section is most often at the bottom of the site. Also, some betting companies maintain a knowledge base that explains the rules regarding taking and calculating bets to customers in simple language.

Use strategies

Correctly made betting strategies can help bettors earn in sports betting: to steadily increase the bank or to return the lost money after losses through new bets. If we consider the strategies, it is worth noting that each individual sport has its own peculiarities, and hence strategies. All of them are created on the peculiarities of athletes’ performances and, of course, statistics. Considering men’s tennis there is a strategy for betting on the victory of the serving player, and in women’s tennis it does not work because of unstable serves.

There are several universal strategies that work in any sport. In them, you choose your own events: there are restrictions on odds, betting amounts and types of bets. Three of these strategies are described below.

The Dogon

Catch-up is a betting strategy, which is able to win back the lost funds during a series of losses. After losing a bet, the bettor increases the bet size according to a certain formula and bets again, but already on a new event. The first win will bring you the payback of all the previously lost funds and can even bring you to a positive bank.

Other basic options are based on this strategy, for example, when considering betting strategies on aloha slot, you are bound to come across the basis in the form of a “catch-up”.


The amount of a bet on a catch-up strategy is calculated using the formula:
S = (W + Sn) ÷ (k – 1)

There are two disadvantages to the strategy of catch-up:

Oscar Grind

The strategy created by Oscar Grind helps to increase your bank by making a series of bets. The essence is that the bettor sets a goal of increasing the size of the bank, and then determines the most suitable event, the odds of which are more than 2. Such a bet when he wins immediately closes the goal. If it loses, he again bets exactly the same amount as in the first bet, and if he wins, he doubles the bet. This method continues until he wins.


Ladder – this strategy helps the player to make a profit from events that have a minimum odds. Nevertheless, such bets are extremely unprofitable when comparing risks. You get only 30% of the bet amount (at odds of 1.3), and you lose 100% if you lose. With this strategy, the player bets on an event with |оw odds. When betting, the plауеr bets the entire won amount on the next event with low odds. The strategy should be continued until 4-5 wins in a row are achieved.

Control the Pot

Controlling the bank is a ground that contributes to profits in sports betting. With bank management strategies, you can optimize the size of your bets (amounts) based on the amount of money on your deposit. They can work effectively over long distances and are used in any kind of sport.

There are 3 popular strategies for controlling the pot: Fixed Bet, Fixed Profit and Flat.

Calculate ROI

ROI is a measure of the return on your deposited funds and your earnings in betting. It helps to calculate a strategy’s performance as well as its strategy and demonstrates how much you have come out in the black over the medium to long range. At distances up to 100 calculated bets this indicator may not work: at the expense of two or three big wins you will not see the loss of the rest of the bets. It is best to count ROI after 500 bets.

ROI is calculated by the formula:

(Sum of all wins – Sum of all bets made) ÷ Sum of all bets × 100%

The sign, after the calculation, shows the effectiveness of the strategy: whether your bank is positive or going down. The value is how successful or unsuccessful your strategy is.


When getting ready to start betting in a betting shop, remember that you need to be prepared in advance, so as not to spend your money instantly, but to save it and even increase it. By studying the advice of professionals, you will improve your skills to the necessary level, and the rest will come with practice and experience.

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