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How To Identify Genuine Dior Clothing? – Things To Consider

Dior clothing is one of the most well-known and admired brands in the world. It’s a sign of luxury without any doubt. People want to add their pieces to their wardrobes.

Since the brand is highly luxurious and demanding, there is a possibility that Dior clothing has some dupes or copies also in the market. Yeah, people also buy it, but what if you want 100% original Dior clothing? You need to consider the following things to be on the safe side.

Dior Swing Tag

The tag present at the back of the Dior clothing is folded in two. You have to notice, there should not be any writing inside. There should be an excellent brand name and regular stitching on the fabric sides.

The outside of the tag should have a barcode. Moreover, it should be detectable when you scan it with a QR reader.

Dior Logo

While many fakers have improved their game when manufacturing fake things, there may still be spelling mistakes on the bogus products. People have grown quite proficient at duplicating logos, so this is a tough space. Nevertheless, there will be some discrepancies because brands frequently alter their logos or add more detail.

Check that the brand name is spelled correctly while looking at the logo. Don’t neglect to check the tags to see if the spelling is right.

The replicas have very regular and rough Dior logos. The genuine has the perfectly aligned and sharp stitched Dior logo. The letters are regular. If you can see any irregularity in the letter, the piece must be a copy. Don’t buy it.

As a bonus tip, you can use a magnifying glass to closely examine the Dior logo. If any seller doesn’t allow you to do so, he must be selling the dupes of Dior.

Structure Of The Cloth

You should check out the inside of the cloth to examine the quality of the stitching. Even though it may look nice from the outside you really have to look inside to see if there are any flaws in the stitching.

When a piece is genuine, the stitching seems considerably cleaner than in counterfeit versions. Genuine articles will have straight stitching and more threads per square inch. The stitching structure of the original one would be too neat. You’ll notice that the original Dior clothing, for example, Dior T-shirt, will have a distinctive dart sewn on the shoulders for a better fit.

Moreover, there will not be a single hanging thread on the real ones. Every stitch will be crisp!

The Fabric

The dupe of Dior clothing would be more stretchable and rough. The genuine Dior will be 100% cotton and less stretchy. Dupe will definitely have a mix of polyester no matter if it says 100% cotton. You can notice this thing easily with a smell.

Moreover, the fabric should be free of pulls and tears, and the colour should not fade or bleed.

Size Tag

The genuine Dior shirt will have a small size label somewhere near shoulders. The size tag will not be available near or next to the care tag label. This thing is a sign of a replica.


If the price of a Dior cloth appears to be too appealing to be true, it is most likely a replica. You might want to conduct some extra research and go online to check whether the brand is running a promotion on that specific item.

Usually, brand names will not heavily discount their products, so be doubtful if you see one at roughly 75% off the original price. Examine the price tags as well; does the tag have the designer label written on it? Is the price tag too general in nature? If this is the case, the product is most likely a replica.

Serial Number

The serial number of the Dior cloth is frequently mentioned on the package. A fake has either no serial number or one that does not match the actual product.

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