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Signup bonuses have become quite common in the UK bookie world. It makes sense. The online gambling industry is growing, and more people are willing to put their money on the line. So, more bookies are throwing their hats into the ring, trying to get the lion’s share in the market. With billions of dollars circulating in this industry, each bookie must do what it takes to capture players’ attention. They have now mastered signup offers. Bookie sign up offers are incentives offered to players to entice them to sign up on a site. They come in many forms, with the most common ones being:

  • Deposit Matches: These promotions allow you to get a percentage of your deposit added to your original amount. Here’s an example. Suppose a bookie offers a deposit match of 200% on deposits up to $100. Then you put up $100 on the site, and you get an additional $200 from the site to use in your bets! That should give you enough money to place wagers on enough events to recoup your original amount!
  • Free Bets: Some sites prefer taking on a non-cash approach. Instead of matching your deposits, they give you free bets to use on the site. If you make a winning bet, you walk away with the earnings. If you don’t, you don’t lose anything and can now start using your deposits to facilitate subsequent wagers.
  • Combo Signup Offers: Some sites offer you everything rather than one form of signup offer. You get the matched deposit, the free bets, and another reward. If you can find a site with this type of deal, you will be a step closer to maximizing your bonuses.

How to Use Your Signup Offers

We advise that you maximize your offers to the best of your ability. For example, if a site offers you up to 100% on deposits up to $500, you should deposit $500 to get the total bonus. It gives you an extra $500 to wager on the games. The same goes with free bets. Do not hold back if you have the chance to get your hands on these bets. They do not come around often, and making the most out of them can help you add to your bankroll. Even so, using your signup offers starts by understanding how they work. Many players sign up for these perks but never get to use them because they do not know what the bonuses entail.

What Must You Consider?

It’s one thing to find a good signup offer, and it’s another to get your hands on it. Some betting sites have perfected the art of enticing players with impressive offers. You come across banners like get up to $100 worth of free bets when you sign up. Then you follow the banner, sign up on the site, and realize that you still do not qualify for the bonuses. So, here are some of the things you must factor into your signup decisions:

The Wagering Requirements

You already know what the site has offered you. For example, a site can state that you will get up to $300 in bonuses, marking its side of the deal. But what do you need to do to unlock this bonus? – Complying with the wagering requirements!

Some online sites have become quite underhanded with these deals. They come up with extensive rules that players must follow to access the bonuses. Some of the rules can be so outrageous that there’s no way you can access the bonuses. So, understand if the terms are fair before you sign up on any site. How?

You must read the fine print and pay particular attention to:

  • The minimum odds: Most sites will stipulate the kinds of odds that your bets must meet to qualify for the bonuses. If you do not pay attention to these, you cannot unlock the bonus. Go for sites that allow you to play with lower odds, as these are easy to access.
  • The turnover: How many times do you need to play through the bonus amount? The lower the number of times, the easier you can access the bonus and start enjoying the free ride.
  • The validity: Did you know that bonuses are only valid for a limited time? Don’t get caught unawares by this timeline. Find out how much time you have on your side. Is it a week? Can the bonus last a month? Without paying attention to this, the bonus will be gone before you can even unlock it. How annoying would that be?

The Percentage

Are you getting your money’s worth? This point relates to matched first deposit bonuses. Say, for example, that a site offers to match your deposit by 100% and another offers a percentage of 200%. Of course, the one offering 200% is the better option as it gives you more money to spend on the site. But you should also consider the wagering requirements. Which site has the least stringent terms? A site could be offering you the world only for you to realize that it’s selling a fallacy because you cannot unlock the prize.

The Bonus Amount

How much is the site willing to offer you in bonuses? Let’s go back to our example of matched betting. So, the site offers you 200% on your deposit. But to what extent? Will it honor this agreement if you deposit $10,000? What is the limit? Sites will state that they offer a matched deposit only to a given amount. So, anything above that does not get matched. Understand the limit to avoid depositing extra cash that will not get doubled. Also, work with sites willing to match you at higher limits. Suppose one site offers you a matched deposit of 100% on deposits up to $100. Then another offers you a matched deposit of 150% on up to $50. Which one gives you more value for your money? These are the calculations you must factor in when choosing the right bonus for you.

If you pay attention to the fine print, you will have a much better chance of making the most out of your signup offer. All the best!


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