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How to Create a Gallery Wall

Setting up an art display in your living space doesn’t have to be stressful. With a few simple steps, it’s easier than you might think to use artwork to add a lot of life to any room. Whether you want to display artwork from your favourite artists, your own artwork, or personal photos of your family to enjoy and make the space your own, here are some steps to follow when setting up a gallery wall.

Evaluate the Space

First of all, evaluate the space that you are working with. Whether you own or rent your home, you can easily set up a gallery wall – consider using command strips or similar if you’re worried about putting nails in the walls. In general, hang one gallery wall per room, so consider what is the best wall for it. In a living room, above the sofa is a common option, for example, but if you have a bare corner that could use some more interest, there are no rules as to where it needs to go.

Choose the Statement Pieces

Collect the prints and photos that you have on hand and determine which ones you should feature in your gallery wall. This might include artwork by your favourite artists or portraits of your family printed on canvas prints. In general, the best gallery walls consist of a combination of different types of artworks including prints, paintings, and photos, so get creative and choose your favourite ones to make the statement with.

Choose Your Frames

You may want to go for a more uniform look with matching frames, however, designers say that combining mediums within the same colour scheme can actually boost the look and feel of your gallery wall, so don’t be afraid to go with some different options too. Mix and match your frames and go for a range of both portrait and landscape orientations to add some interest to your gallery wall. Alternatively, if you’re going for a more orderly rather than organic look, consider a grid wall with matching frames and spacing.

Create a Layout

Once you have decided which pieces you are going to be using you’re your gallery wall, it’s time to come up with a layout. Although a completed gallery wall might look effortless, there is actually more planning that goes into it than you might think. Use the largest piece of artwork as your anchor piece and use this to plan the overall display. Some people find it helpful to cut out pieces of paper in the same size as each frame to tape to the wall first, while others arrange frames on the floor to help with coming up with a plan before hanging on the wall. Figuring out your ideal arrangement can take some trial and error, so take your time and try out different options before settling on one that works for you.

A gallery wall can be an ideal way to show off your favourite photos and art and create some interest in any room.

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