How to Choose and Wear a Hand Bracelet?

In the age of perfection, even the most beautiful, limited edition jewellery needs to be selected carefully to perfectly complement your look. As the frame of the picture is designed to complement and complete the creation of the painter, a bracelet can be the finishing touch that an extra special outfit needs to truly stand out.

Scientists note the first thing we pay attention to in a potential mate is the hands, so what you wear on your wrists can say a lot about you.

But how do you choose the perfect bracelet?

Style Dictates

Before buying any limited edition jewellery, especially bracelets, you must consider which clothes you will wear (and on which occasions). If you’re a fan of a shorter sleeve, you can opt for something larger, if you wear full sleeves then you may wish to go for something more subtle.

A universal choice is considered a ‘tennis bracelet’  – a flat, narrow chain bracelet with an original weave. This option is suitable for both the office and for casual occasions.

Modern fashion sometimes prefers ‘stacking’, or the combination of several bracelets in one ensemble. If this bohemian approach suits you, remember to choose these wisely, and go for delicate pieces that when combined aren’t overwhelming. A good tip is to mix and match textures, and go for a bangle type coupled with more of a chain, but in the same metal. Charm bracelets are also popular for a playful look, but are not deemed appropriate for more formal occasions.

For a classic, romantic evening look, bracelets with pearlsstrike the perfect note, especially when worn with a fabulous cocktail dress.

For a step up from this, highly detailed and sophisticated bracelets like the Sybarite jewellery limited edition collection require a cocktail or more formal dress code, and are the crowning glory of many high fashion, formal outfits.

Remember some bracelets require wearing over the clothing if you choose a longer sleeve. These include wide bangle bracelets, cuffs, etc.

How to Choose and Wear a Hand Bracelet

How to Wear a Bracelet Correctly?

Even the thinnest bracelet-chain – it is always visible and says something about you. After all, it is jewellery accessories that place the final accents of the whole image.

Fashion professionals advise buying a bracelet in the last place when the outfit and basic accessories are already selected.

The brighter the clothes, the grander the bracelet can be. And vice versa – with an office suit the most successful combination will be with an inconspicuous bracelet with a small inlay.

Four Final Tips for Wearing Limited Edition Jewellery Bracelets:

  • The bracelet is worn “solo” on the right hand without a watch and other jewellery.
  • It is better to wear one accent-piece jewellery on one hand: be it a large ring or a massive bracelet.
  • All jewellery should resonate with each other in weight, size, width, design. The wide and bright bracelet is never combined with thin earrings or a thin chain.
  • A large bracelet should not be hidden under the sleeve.

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