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How to buy legal CBD products in the United-Kingdom?

7 years ago, getting your hands on some CBD oil in the UK was totally a no-go. It was comparable to buying straight-up cannabis, being both awkward and illegal. The UK was put under a lot of pressure to legalize CBD oil and cannabis, with the potential medicinal benefits that both can achieve being pointed out.

Of course, the case was much stronger and less controversial for CBD oil, seeing as the THC content is so minimal that it loses its psychoactive properties – the very properties that are associated with speeding up the development of schizophrenia in certain people.

In 2015, CBD oil was suddenly available under prescription. Whilst this was a step in the right direction, CBD began to be legalized very quickly around Europe and the market was accelerating. Not only could the UK profit from legalising the compound, but it was difficult to argue why it isn’t commercially available. So, in 2018, CBD oil become completely legal, but would be officially recognised as a food supplement according to the Food Standard Agency, meaning it doesn’t escape certain regulations.

What was impactful in helping get the law changed was the campaigns of two parents whose children suffered from epilepsy. CBD was a miracle cure for them, and so the benefits were more widely recognised in the mainstream.

Where to buy legal CBD in the UK?

Unlike some European countries, CBD oil is entirely legal in the UK – be it online or in a physical shop. Some countries only allow the selling of CBD in physical stores as to avoid poor quality control from online retailers, but thankfully the UK system is somewhat more self-policing.

The best online CBD shops in the UK can be summed up in a list of around five. Buying online usually presents more choices, such as buying CBD in the form of balms, capsules, cosmetics, creams, and so on. Furthermore, promo codes can be used to receive hefty discounts and keep the price down on what is often to be considered an expensive product.

Buying in a physical shop has its advantages too. In a shop, there is a better chance to speak to someone about the product who knows a lot: its potential benefits, how it can help you, and what strength you should be starting out on. This is in part because some things require different strengths. For example, severe arthritis will require more strength than someone treating minor anxiety.

Alternative ways of consuming CBD

THe standard way to consume CBD is by dropping a few drops of oil under your tongue. Some people don’t find this pleasant, and thus alternative ways of ingesting the product has been invented. One popular way is through CBD gummies, which is essentially like chewing on a sweet. There are some CBD creams and such to target more localised symptoms of muscles and joint pains, as well as CBD vape for those that enjoy the habit of using a vape pen.

Be sure to purchase CBD from a recognised and reputable store to ensure the strength is accurate, and that the product is cruelty-free.

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