How to assemble a team of IT specialists: selection criteria

To understand which specialists and in what quantity are required for an IT project, it is necessary to conduct preliminary analytics. It allows you to learn about the scope of the planned work, goals, and objectives.

Not all managers have enough experience and knowledge to assemble a qualified team capable of working to achieve common goals. Therefore, entrusting the search and IT staff augmentation services to specialized companies is better. The main task is to assemble a team of employees who can fulfill the project according to the given parameters and characteristics. And they should do it qualitatively and within the set deadlines.

Composition of the IT team

IT projects can be different in form and purpose. Usually, they are online stores, mobile applications, websites, information portals, services, and web applications. If we talk about the classic variant, the standard team consists of 4-6 specialists:

In some situations, you can only do with the help of contractors to perform minor and infrequent tasks. If you are launching from scratch, entering a new market, then starting with a minimal team of IT specialists and gradually expanding the staff is better.

Criteria for selecting IT specialists

It is easy to gather a few people together and set them a task. But what matters here is how efficiently and qualitatively they will work. Therefore, when selecting employees for the IT team, start from several criteria.

As you can see, you need to create a team of IT specialists, organize their work correctly and retain valuable staff.

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