How to approach women the right way: tactful rules for 2021

Silly and ridiculous pickups never lead to success, but provoke ignorance or getting a slap in the face. Not many men know how to approach a girl correctly. If you aren’t sure that you know how to succeed, then you’ve come to the right place!

If you are shy and feel that you are not yet ready to approach a girl in real life, then just have a live chat with single women online! It’s quick, easy, and convenient, and you’ll get a wider choice of girls right in front of you in no time!

But if you are serious about mastering the art of meeting in real life, read this article and learn these 8 important tactful rules to charm a strange woman!

Don’t try to get the best out of yourself at once

Do not try to make the perfect impression on a girl instantly: your efforts will be too obvious, you may look stupid, and she will definitely notice it, or just feel it.

Instead, try dating girls when you are in high spirits when you can easily chat nicely with a girl on any topic. And, for God’s sake, stay yourself!

Don’t behave like a macho man

We mean you don’t have to behave and look like a macho man if you aren’t this type of guy. Once again, imitating someone makes you look ridiculous, and it’s not the best way to start a conversation with a strange girl.

No means no!

Seriously, the main rule of approaching women in real life – respect their boundaries.

The reasons are not important. She may already have a boyfriend or a husband, she is not up to meet someone in public, she just had a bad day or she is simply not interested in a new acquaintance. Spare yourself and her from negative emotions and unsatisfying experiences.

Words and demeanor are only half the battle

Don’t forget to look good and find the right place for your pickups: try to find some secluded, romantic places. It’s also crucial to choose the right time when the girl is not very busy with something, but calm and open to new acquaintances.


It can be tricky, but try to make the acquaintance look like it wasn’t well planned. Even if you are using one of the famous tricks from the Web. The more sincere you speak, the more the conversation looks natural, the more chances you have.

Never ask silly questions

One more stupid question: “Has anyone told you you’re very beautiful?”. Just think through the questions you are going to ask the girl and choose the smartest and most constructive ones that will help both of you move forward in your relationship.

Be patient

An impatient man can hardly interest a woman. If you are impatient in the first minutes of acquaintance (it doesn’t matter if you’re chatting online or offline), you run the risk of annoying the girl without having time to interest her or you can just scare her off.

Just don’t rush into things with this girl, do not get hung up on acquaintance, and never let her understand that this is a matter of life and death for you.

Avoid negative clichés

Don’t make the mistakes that losers from comedy movies always do!

Don’t ask her things like “Are your parents own a confectionery factory, ‘cause otherwise, I don’t understand why you are so sweet”, or “Is your family looking for a new good son-in-law?”.

Also, try to use the “it seems we have met somewhere before,” trick wisely.

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