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How Slot Design Has Changed in Unexpected Ways Since Going Online?

The world of slot machines has been a big part of the entertainment industry for many years and has moved with the times by going online and reaching our mobile devices. Some of the changes in their design show a natural progression but others are more unexpected.

The Range of Themes Now Used

The original slots were based on playing card symbols. This was partly because the first ideas included slot-like machines that created poker hands, so it made perfect sense that every image was of a different card. That proved to be too complicated, so the next generation of slots used symbols like bells and horseshoes to create winning lines while retaining the cards.

Look through a casino with a large portofolio of slots and games right now and you’ll find themed games like Golden Odyssey, Beware of the Deep Megaways, and Everest. These slots replace those original symbols with images that match the theme, such as the mining-themed Bonanza where wins can be built using precious stones and a wild come along with dynamite strapped to it.

 A Bigger Selection of Features

There’s no doubt that the use of diverse themes has expanded the appeal of slots while changing their design. However, the changes made to the gameplay have had an even bigger effect. The basic way of winning by getting a combination of similar symbols remains in place, but this has been added to by features like free spins and bonus rounds.

We can see how this works by looking at the Everest slot by Four Leaf Gaming. It’s based on the world’s tallest mountain, where climbers are now obliged to wear track chips for safety. This game has various features, such as climbing wilds that increase the size of the reels and avalanche wilds that cascade down the screen. It also has a bonus round where players need to try and drop a ball into the right cart for a win.

The Continuing Appeal of Classic Slots

These changes have helped the slots industry to grow, as new players are almost certain to find a theme and features that interest them. Yet, those players who want to play a classic slot with traditional symbols and gameplay can still find options for doing this.

Often described as retro slots, these games typically have symbols like fruits, bells, and bards, reminding us of slot machines of the past. This look at why retro style is popular includes the power of nostalgia as one of the key reasons. Some of these games have just three reels rather than the five or six used on many modern slots. Their gameplay is usually simpler too, without the features that have now become popular in the industry.

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What Does the Future Hold in Store?

As we’ve seen, the slot market has changed as new types of design have been introduced to these games. This has led to these games changing while retro versions are still available, meaning that players now have a wide choice of ways of playing.

Modern technology allows us to play these games in a variety of ways but it’s the creativity of game developers that will slots continues to change and evolve as new ideas are added to the classic gameplay.


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