How Often You Should Wash Your Sheets And Bedding  And The Right Way To Do It


The majority of us sleep in our beds for 49 to 60 hours per week on average. That’s a lot of time for our bodies to receive the rest they need, but it is also a lot of time for dirt, sweat, oil, and another crud to accumulate on our sheets and bedding. So, washing our bedsheets is very much essential to maintain hygiene. Dirty sheets can cause allergies, skin outbreaks, asthma, and other problems if they are not cleaned regularly.

But remember to use proper clenching items to clean your bedding so that they do wear or tear. Also, go for durable bedding items which have greater longevity. This insures

that you can use your favorite bedding items for an extended period.

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

On average, everyone should wash their sheets once a week. But if you don’t use your sheets every day, you can wash once in two weeks. Cleaning depends upon your use. If your sheets get dirty, especially if you have pets, you should clean them every 3-4 days. Those who have allergies and asthma problems should wash more frequently.

In the hot summer months, it’s also a good idea to wash your sheets more frequently because you’ll be sweating more. Similarly, if you suffer from seasonal allergies in the spring or summer, washing sheets more regularly will help you.

What Is The Importance Of Washing Sheets?

While most of us can accept sleeping in our filth and sweat to some extent, it is this last point that many of us are most concerned about.

 Dust mites are minute critters that can be found in nearly every home. They don’t bite, but they can cause rashes and irritation on the skin and exacerbate allergy symptoms in some people.

Dust mites proliferate rapidly and rely exclusively on dead skin cells to survive. So, if you don’t want these on your bed, you have to wash your sheets regularly.

How To Wash Sheets?

We know how frequently we should clean sheets. But it is also essential to know the proper way to wash them.

Many people think it is easier to have several sets of sheets because washing and drying them takes a few hours. That way, you can take apart the bedding items, make them up with fresh sheets, and wash the soiled sheets when it’s time.

Using harsh detergents and fabric softeners can be harsh on your bedding items. It can lead to the breaking of the natural fibers of the bedsheets. They undergo pilling and get torn. So, you should use a gentle detergent. It is recommended not to use softeners.


How To Wash Sheets In A Washer?

Don’t add too many sheets and comforters together because they need enough space to get clean. The sheets will be torn and wrinkled if you wrap them around the agitator. It is better not to add other items with sheets for washing. But if you add, then make sure that it is lightweight.

Washer setting:

Any cycle can be used to wash cotton sheets, but always check the care label for specific washing instructions. Cotton percale sheets are crisp, and washing and hanging them on the clothing line can make them look as beautiful and neat as the hotel beds.

Choose the cycle that best suits the sheets’ soil level: normal for light soil, heavy-duty for stains, and heavy soil. Sheets wear out faster if they are washed too frequently.

The temperature of water to wash sheet:

If there are any instructions on the label about temperature, then you should follow that.

You can wash sheets in a washing machine on the water at any temperature. It is better to rinse with warm water during cold weather as it also helps to sanitize your sheets. If the color of the sheet is going to be faded, then wash it using cool water.

Pre-treat Or Bleach Which Is Better?

Pre-treating stains is a practical approach to ensure that minor blemishes are eradicated.

Chlorine or color-safe bleach is excellent for more prominent stains or to whiten dingy bedding.

The Right Way To Add Detergent To The Washer:


How To Dry Sheets?

Conclusion :

Many times you may want to change your beddings with new ones. But for an affordable household, maintaining the previous one is essential. You must clean the bedding items following the directions mentioned above. These will help you to keep your bedroom neat. And also tidy up the other furnishing and decorations of your bedroom, for it to look beautiful. Maintaining cleanliness is next to godliness, as it is said. This keeps germs away and helps you to be healthy. 



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