How not to upgrade your enterprise technology

Apple, zebra, Android? No matter how you choose to equip your front teams, you have failed to spend time figuring out what your problems are. technology investment solves them.

What not to do

Hypothetical scenario: A large manufacturing company decides to give 60 division managers a rough tablet to collect data at work. The company took advice and introduced a device management system to enable IT to remotely manage and secure these systems. Senior managers spoke with the hardware provider and selected an off-the-shelf interface that they felt met most of the company’s needs. They then ordered the employees to start using the new systems.

What do you think happened next?

As the team worked with the new tools as they embarked on a transition, they discovered that certain aspects of the interface were irrelevant or irrelevant. Some very important functions sat within menus (or apps) that had no other useful function.

Not only that, but the software still did not support some key tasks, which meant that workers alone had to find solutions, few of which were compatible. When the systems went live, the company then discovered that some facilities had significant network access problems; key information was not updated, which meant that workers still had to check with each other for insights using older processes.

The result?

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How not to upgrade your enterprise technology

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