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How long is the New Zealand eTA valid for?

In case you are looking for a travel authorisation, the need to wait in long queues has now gone. All you need is an internet connection and a device to do it online. Nonetheless, New Zealand has certain requirements when it comes to its eTA. Further, in case you wish to know about the validity of the same, you may continue reading this article. Further, you will also get to know how to apply for an eTA to NZ with a dual citizenship.

What is New Zealand eTA?

The NZeTA or the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority refers to the electronic waiver of visa, which was first brought in in the 7th month of 2019. It permits qualified residents to head out to New Zealand for the transit, business, or tourism purposes. It is presently a requirement of obligation for the nationalities of visa waiver along with the crew of cruise linen and airline of all citizenships to possess an NZeTA for travelling to the country.

What is the Validity of the NZeTA?

The eTA of New Zealand permits a number of entries for stays that are of short durations for the time it is valid. Commonly, it is valid for a period of 24 months. However, there is an exception to it. For the crew of airline as well as cruise, the New Zealand eTA is valid for a period of 5 years beginning from the date on which it is approved.

NZeTA Application

The citizens who are eligible for the eTA of New Zealand can apply for it online. Majorly, they need to fill the application form of NZeTA, wherein they are required to fill the information of their passport along with personal information. Moreover, they also need to respond to a certain number of questions regarding their history related to crime along with the objective question of a medical treatment in the country.

In case an individual wishes for an approval for NZeTA via email, they are required to pay tourism levy along with a small fee of processing. Nonetheless, if you wish to study or work in the nation for a longer period, you may consult an embassy of New Zealand for more information regarding the same.

Necessities for an NZeTA

The following are the necessities for getting an approval to NZeTA.

  • A recent photograph of the applicant
  • An online payment method, like a debit card or a credit card for paying the tourism levy as well as the eTA fee
  • An email ID for receiving an approved New Zealand eTA
  • A passport that is valid for 2 months or more beyond the planned date of arrival in the country

Steps for applying for an NZeTA

Step 1: Completing the Online Application

Fill the form of application online for NZeTA. In this, provide the details associated with travelling, yourself, and your passport. Further, answer the questions related to security and health. Later, upload the documents that support the above information along with a recent photograph. Eventually, pay the fee for processing along with tourism levy in order to submit the application for your NZeTA.

Step 2: Confirm the Payment

Put in all the details of the mode of payment you select (for example, a debit or a credit card) and pay the required amount to confirm the application.

Step 3: receiving approved application of NZeTA

Within a few working days, you will received an email regarding the approval of the New Zealand eTA. This will be connected with your passport. Later, at the border-control, when your passport will be scanned, the authority will be able to read. For security purposes, you must also keep a printout handy with you of the mail you receive.

Important points to remember

Before you consider applying for an NZeTA, you must know the following.

  • It is applicable only for short periods of stays.
  • The application will be considered for a student as well as a visitor visa.
  • In case of work, study, holidays, visits, and tourism, the E-visa that is issued will stay valid for a maximum of 90 days.
  • The e-visa is not applicable for residents as well as the citizens of Australia or New Zealand.
  • The citizens of Britain have the right to hold the NZeTA for a maximum of 6 months.
  • You may be required to offer proof regarding possession of enough money for supporting yourself financially once you arrive in the country.
  • A return ticket of flight must be shown upon arrival. In case you cannot show one, you must have financial proof of being able to buy a return ticket.

The Bottom Line

The application process for receiving an approval to NZeTA is easy, which means that you do not have to worry anymore about staying for a short period in New Zealand.


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